Does any one person really matter?


(This was a difficult post to write; it might be diffiuclt to read. Just wanted to give you a heads-up.

Does any one person matter? If the world has one less person, does it make a difference?

Really, does it?

If you’re one of those people who thinks your life doesn’t matter in the scheme of things, so why not end it, I’m here to tell you, you do matter. You do matter to this one who is typing right now. You matter to me because you matter to God. And unless you’ve been living in a cave, you matter to at least one other person. That someone else will forever be changed by your absence. God, Himself, will forever grieve your loss.

One person leaving this world by their own hand means that Evil won. You can call that evil whatever you want but evil it is. Evil leaves it mark somehow, someway. I don’t know how exactly I just know that it does. It touches a person.That person touches another. Somehow evil gets around to all of us. We become more cynical. After awhile we become impervious to the hurting around us. Evil is subtle, seldom obvious.

I’ve been listening to someone for a few days tell me how life isn’t worth living. How life will go on for everyone. How family and friends might grieve for a while but they’ll eventually get on with their lives. But that person’s perception is only that –their perception. That’s the influence of evil. It clouds our lenses. We see the world through a heavy fog that suffocates us.

Should we even care for that singular person when they don’t even care for themselves? The way I view Christ’s teaching is that that is exactly the one we need to reach out to. The lost is the one that needs to be found. 

And if you’re the one watching a loved one disintegrate, don’t let evil grab hold of you. Evil will try. Evil will try to get you to give up. Evil will try to make you judge. Evil will try to convince you God doesn’t care. That is always evil’s intent-to destroy.

I know if you’re reading this and you’re thinking of taking your own life, you don’t believe a thing I’m saying. You don’t believe a perfect stranger can possibly care. I probably would have a hard time believing that, too. But you can’t tell me I don’t care. I care enough to write this post and believe me, this isn’t an easy post to write. I care enough to be praying for you with each keystroke, anonymous though you are.

I’m selfish that way. I know that my life will be better, less tainted by evil if I can reach out and change the course you have decided upon.

And consider this. What if I am right? What if there is the remotest possibility that your life can change for the better? What if I’m right about a God who truly loves you? Isn’t that worth re-considering?You could give yourself a minute more, a day more, a month more. You could feel like you’ve stopped evil in its track for awhile.You could ask this God you don’t believe in to prove that He exists. 

There are a number of blogs you can read for encouragement. Sure, they’re strangers but even strangers care. Sometimes strangers can care more. At least do that today.

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