Does everything happen for a reason?

Does everything happen for a reason? things happen for a reason

No, I don’t think so. (My daughter and I have had this conversation often. Neither one of us buy into it.)

I think it’s what we tell ourselves when we can’t make sense of a situation. It’s what we say to console ourselves when there isn’t any reason.

I think Christians are particularly vulnerable to this falsehood. We take verses like “everything turns out good for those who love the Lord” to imply that good will always come from bad. While it’s not jargon, it is quoted in very much the same way. (An article by Randy Alcorn does a great job explaining this verse. )

As you all know, I hate popular jargon because while it usually does have a grain of truth, it’s not the whole loaf of bread! There is always danger in philosophies that contain some truth but not all the truth.

I personally think we need to be careful using certain phrases or Bible verses as consolation for people. It doesn’t help. Having been a hospital chaplain, let me reassure you that spouting jargon or taking Bible verses out of context, does no good.

What does help is a listening and empathetic ear, not a mouth running amuck.

I guess I’m writing about this because I hear people spouting jargon all the time and never consider whether they even believe what they’re saying. It’s just easier than taking time to think before speaking.

Can I just suggest we all think a little more before we spout half-truths?

6 thoughts on “Does everything happen for a reason?”

  1. Totally agree, and it’s all I ever hear. That the situation I’m forced to live with is for my good. When? Before, or after it destroys me?

    I might be able to write more about it one day, but now is not the time. Thanks for this!

    1. Yes, it’s kind of amazing how people can offer such good advice when it’s not them going through it. Always easier on the other side of the suffering, huh? Don’t know your situation but I will most definitly lift you in prayer. I hope some day you do write about it and if you ever just need to “vent” with a stranger, you can e-mail me at Otherwise, why don’t you considerjournaling your experience on your blog but keep it private. I think it might help you. God bless.

      1. I never thought about the private blog thing, although I know it can be done. Thanks for that, Rebecca. No, now isn’t the time. I do know that. Plus, it might scare a few people if they are also going through it. Living alone and without help from anyone when we’re both sick. That’s as far as I’m able to take it for now.

        The Bible talks about us comforting others through their distress. You know the bit about “Weep with those who weep; rejoice with those who rejoice”? There’s also something about comforting others as you have been comforted by God. Well, passing on comfort, for me, would be an impossibility, as there ain’t no comfort in this! So far, there’s only abandonment, and people would have to be extremely spiritually tough to be able to handle such things. To write about it all would actually be more difficult than living with the situation. But I welcome your reply with much thanks. 🙂

        1. Jennifer, you are now officially on my prayer list. I hope this helps. Sometimes just knowing can be an encouragement. I am going to pray specifically that someone will come into your life that will help. I learned a long time ago that if I say I will pray for someone, I have to keep my word. You have my word. God bless and how I pray you find some comfort today somehow.

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