Why the “church” is flawed and so am I

This may come as a shock to many of you. If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I’m a follower of Jesus. You know that I’m a believer in daily Bible study and prayer. You also know I’ve taught lots of Bible study classes. I’m also a believer in appropriate evangelismMy husband and I do our part to support our church financially.

But I’m not enamored of the organized church.

Here’s what I mean.

  • I believe the present-day church does not always represent what the church was originally supposed to be.

    early church
    early church
  • We’ve become too big, too rich and too much like too many other organizations.
  • I do not place ministers on a pedestal. Oh, my gosh! Did I say that?
  •  I do not consider the Sunday sermon crucial to my faith. I read incessantly. I expose myself to all kinds of pastors and teachers. I learn from all of them. I consider them teachers, teachers whom I respect but don’t consider infallible. I don’t consider them more spiritual than anyone else. I listen on Sunday and then go home and do my own research. (By the way, I always encouraged the members of the Bible studies I read to do the same.)
  • I don’t consider pastors work harder than any other profession. Probably because I’ve witnessed the number of hours other people work on their jobs. Therefore, I don’t support paid sabbatical for the reasons just stated.
  • As far as the boards and committees within church, I find them quite “cliquey”. If a person isn’t at every function or if, God forbid, they disagree with the popular church view, they won’t be asked to serve in any capacity.
  • Finally, the church can be quite political.
the political church
the political church

Now that you think I’ve completely trashed the Church………

I still attend and enjoy attending. I encourage others to do the same. Because, for all the failings of the church and the things I don’t like, I’ve not forgotten that the church is still ordained by God. I don’t have to like everything or agree with everything to attend and be blessed.

It’s good to be a part of something bigger than myself.

something bigger
something bigger

It’s good to feel the community that comes from knowing we are all searching together.

It’s good to say “Good Morning” and shake hands.

It’s good to sing.

It’s good to hear Scripture read aloud.

It’s good to become aware of those on the prayer list.

It’s especially good to know I’m where I feel I should be. It revives me and starts my week off right.

The church is full of flawed people. That’s why I feel comfortable in church-I, too, am flawed.

My presence encourages others. And because I don’t expect the organized church to meet all my spiritual needs, I’m free to concentrate on God.

I think we all might be less critical of churches if we realized that the church is a living organism like any other organization.

It changes with each generation. It’s personality changes. It’s mission changes.

But unlike all other organizations, Christ is the head of the church. For me, that makes all the difference.

God bless and have a good day.

4 thoughts on “Why the “church” is flawed and so am I”

  1. I’m amazed many times when I read your blog because those same words could be coming from my mouth also. We’re very like-minded. I don’t put anyone on a pedestal either because I grew up in a ministry family so I know the flaws firsthand. I also know that my husband as an engineer works a lot more hours than my dad ever did. Church is important for corporate worship and to have unity with the body of Christ.

  2. “And because I don’t expect the organized church to meet all my spiritual needs, I’m free to concentrate on God.”
    Rebecca, I wonder if that is true of many – that expectation: the organised church should meet all my spiritual needs. I know it is how I used to think. Which now I think was a little sense-less on my part. Church is many things – but the perfect “everything for everybody in all things”? There is only One I know who has that capacity. The other thing I think is this: church is to be found in so many things and in so many places 24/7. Just one hour in a building once a week? Says more about us than “church” perhaps.

    Lovely writing!! Thank you –

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