For those of you who lump all us “religious conservatives” together. Shame on you.

I am so tired of hearing how “Bible Thumpers”,  and “Religious Conservatives” are mean-spirited. The very same people that condemn “bashing” of certain groups of people do it to us all the time. I’m tired of the derogatory terms and the ridicule. Why is free speech only for liberals? What does free speech have to do with political correctness? Why are Christians belittled for their faith by the same people who would condemn the same behavior for just about every religious segment in America?

What’s with the double standard?

Yes, I’m a “Bible Thumper” if by that you mean I belief the Bible is the Word of God. I’m a “Bible Thumper” if by that you mean I believe the Bible teaches right and wrong.  I’m a “Bible Thumper” if by that you mean I believe in forgiveness, love, grace, mercy, compassion, Heaven and Hell, sin,  etc.

Yes, I’m a “Religious Conservative” if by that you mean my political views are shaped by my religion. Yep, they are. And my religion tells me that God loves us all. My religion tells me that while judgement comes from God it doesn’t mean I can’t voice my opinions about what I believe. In fact, my faith says I should. We are all going to stand in judgement someday. I have enough of my own “stuff” to worry about anyway. I don’t have the time or energy to worry about yours.

political correctness
political correctness

Now,…………………………… ask me if I think the Indiana law is right?

Of course, not!!!!

I don’t feel the LGBT community is infringing on my religious freedoms at all. No one is stopping me from praying, going to church, etc. If that should ever be the case, I will become as militant as some of those from these groups  to defend my faith. I just don’t see that happening because of this law. Seriously.

But no one has the right to limit my free speech either.

So all of you “religion” bashers out there, could you give some of us a break? Please? Just like you are not the same as all the others who share your ideology, we aren’t either.

Quit doing to us what you abhor for every other group in America.

I can’t speak for everyone, but my husband and I don’t “hate” any special group of people no matter how wrong we might think their behavior is. I can disagree with someone’s behavior and at the same time treat them as Jesus would. (Which by the way is to show kindness while not feeling the need to change how I or they believe.)

Do I have strong views about this subject? Again, it’s “yep.” I have a right to express those views without being called hateful, bigoted, etc.. And by the way, there are hateful, bigoted people on both sides of this issue.  I don’t feel the need to convince you of anything so why do you feel the need to convince me?

Let’s have intelligent dialogue. None of this knee-jerk reaction stuff. Listen to why I believe the way I do. I can honestly say, I have done my homework. I have followers to my blog who believe and live very differently than me. I follow bloggers who believe and live very differently than me. My only caveat is that our conversations are civil, and thoughtful. Just don’t spout “rhetoric”. Do your homework. I’ve done mine.

There’s probably no way I’m going to change my beliefs but when we know a “person” not a “group”, we are better equipped to treat each other kindly and with compassion.

So there.  I said it.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

ps. I almost didn’t insert this picture below. But really it says it all.

This would be a great example of  how we should get along if it weren’t for the last scene. Except the last scene kind of makes my point. A decent conversation that went right down the tubes with the name-calling.. Also, one could juxtapose just about any other  words and get the same idea.