God equips us for whatever HE allows to come our way

This is a quick Sunday morning post.

I missed church this morning because I slept in till 9:20.

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love this pic and have used it before. sorry about that but it just works

But after being at hospital by 7:00 A.M. and then coming home in the afternoon and continuing to stain my deck (it’s big),I was tired. Even took a nap and still slept in till 9:20.

But I always have Andy Stanley to fall back on. (I DVR (digitally record) his sermons and it was great today as usual. All about taking responsibility for our part in any situation. So applies to depression as well and I write about depression often, it reinforced what I know to be true.)

As you probably know my mom is in the hospital. (You can read about it by scrolling through the posts of this last week. Posting helps me process and perhaps encourages others who going through the same thing.)

Last night I posted how she is doing great and ready to come home.

Spoke too soon.

Her blood counts are going down again.

This is not good.

But she is in great spirits.

Needless to say, my emotions have been all over the place this week. If you are a prayer, please remember my mother and that we will find out what’s going on.

My prayers are with you as well, especially those of you dealing with depression.I believe God hates any kind of illness, including depression. But I also know that God is always with his children, equipping them for every thing that comes HE allows to come their way.

God with us God's hand

Depression is often triggered by stress and disappointment. If you, too, are under a great deal of stress or disappointment,  I pray that you will have a peaceful day and that you will keep depression at bay.

God bless and I really do mean it when I sign off this way, “I hope you have a good day.”