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connection to God/google images

I hate days like today. Days I’m not feeling really connected with God. I want to feel that intimacy all the time and it bothers me that, frankly, I don’t always. (BTW, another dark, gloomy, cool day here in MI.)

I’m not discouraged or overly concerned with anything. God and I had some quality time this morning. There’s nothing I can lay my finger on. It just feels “off”. Does anybody else ever feel this way?

Let’s face it, I don’t like it when God expects me to walk on my own for the day. (Surely you know I’m quite aware I’m never on my own. 🙂 ) It’s kind of like God is saying, “You’re doing just fine. I’ve got some other thing to attend to.” It’s not much different I guess than when Jesus put Mary and Martha on hold for a few days after their brother’s death. Or when the angel delayed coming to Daniel. We simply have to walk by faith at times.

It’s kind of like when we say to our children, “Hey, you figure this one out.”  We know that we’ve taught them well and for now they need to walk by themselves.

I really do get it. I just don’t like it.








4 thoughts on “not feeling the connection”

  1. Those days are hard. Reminds me of David–in one breath he cries out to God about his dissatisfaction in his situation; in the next breath he’s “instructing his heart” in the way he should feel. (Ps 42 – esp v. 5) It’s hard when we don’t “feel it,” but we know we are never alone. God may seem silent, but He’s always speaking. I don’t like those days, either.

  2. Funny thing is, the day went downhill shortly after I posted. So I said to God, “God, seriously. You really thought I was going to be handle this day without you? Don’t think I did my “walk alone” test very good today.”

    Thanks for commenting.

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