Great DIY pedestal using glass and metal

(Here’s a project from about three years ago. I used this for Easter. This pedestal is one of my favorite items and I’ve used it lots of different places. If you make one of these and use a hot glue gun, it it kind of “temporary” in that you can take it apart. This one is glue with a more permanent glue. )

I love DIY-anything. And I have to say I’m pretty good. I just don’t post a lot of my projects because what I’m NOT good at is the photography. I use my cell phone and don’t always take time to edit my photos as I should.

I particularly love putting things together. In this case, I found this wonderful clear flat-bottomed container. It’s some sort of leaded glass. I fell in love with the pattern. Shortly after that I found the wonderful, also heavy, metal candlestick it sits on.

I knew they should be “married”.

The first thing I did is hot glue the two together. Ordinarily I would use a special glue but something told me the glass and metal bond would be good with hot glue. And it was.

Then I painted everything gold. I’m sorry but I didn’t take “before” pictures. See what I mean?

The shallow bowl was clear glass. The metal candle holder was a dark metal.






















As far as that little bit of pinky red in the middle, I don’t know how it got there. I think it was some sort of chemical reaction. The bowl never had any red on it.

Funny huh?



I spray painted the outside in Rustoleum’s Heirloom White and lightly sanded some of the white so the gold would show through.

2-EASTER 2014 (1)

This is how I used it last Easter . Making pedestal projects is one of my favorite projects. I’m running out of good reasons to make them.

1-EASTER 2014

God bless and have a good day.


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