the winds of happiness

A short post today. I’m getting ready to go to lunch at a lodge on Lake Michigan. It’s an annual trip for my friends and I.  We love sitting outside overlooking  the lake.  It’s an incredibly beautiful day today with just a hint of the approaching fall. It’s a quiet day.  I always get a little nervous when the day seems to perfect to be true.

Tonight my hubby and I are bringing dinner to our son and his family who live just a couple of blocks away. There Their  lives are hectic and it gives us all a chance to enjoy each other’s company. I’ve already baked the pork roast and pulled the meat for the bbq’s. I’ll bake brownies when I get home.  I’m kind of loving this day but I’m a smart woman. I haven’t successfully beat depression these past nine years without learning a few things.

One of those few things I’ve learned is to be grateful for days like this, to relish the moments but also to be very aware that a perfect day can become an imperfect one in a heartbeat.  It happens all the time.  How many times have we heard people say “everything changed in a heartbeat.” The diagnosis. The accident. The job loss. The death.

I think perhaps a good day is appreciated even more when we just take a moment to realize that others have had days just like this and then “everything changed in a heartbeat”. If that’s you today, please know that there’s someone in Michigan who really does care. Somehow, we are all connected. Maybe that’s why today I feel the tiniest bit anxious, like maybe God is telling me that someone right now is having a really, really hard time. So before I go to lunch, I’m stopping to pray for you , stranger though you are to me.