walking down the middle of railroad tracks

Yesterday I wrote, “My hardest post to write”  focusing on  the birth of my grandson.


All day yesterday I thought about the day he was born and the confusion and fear that followed. How I questioned God about why our prayers weren’t answered. (We had prayed He would be born “perfect”. In God’s eyes, of course, he was.) I found myself tearing up yesterday as I thought about the miracle that he is.

But then I started  thinking about the railroads that are life-tracks on either side. On one side are the “good” things; on the other the “bad”.

And this is life–always. We are always walking down the middle and there are always the good and bad on each side of us whether we know it or not.

railroad tracks
railroad tracks

Someone has received a promotion.         Someone lost a job.

Someone has started college.                    Someone can’t afford it.

Someone bought a new house.                  Someone has lost theirs.

Someone received good medical news.    Someone received terrible news.

Someone is engaged.                                 Someone gets divorced.

In my own life, there is a mix of blessings and burdens, some of each are mine.

There is only one fact that is consistent no matter what is going on around us.

That God is ever present and ever ready to meet us wherever we are.

If we take a realistic view of the world and keep our emotions in check, we won’t experience the roller-coaster that is life. We will know that life is going to be a mixture of the blessings and the burdens. (This view contributes as well to managing depression. Much of depression is based on “all or nothing” thinking.)

For myself, I’m learning that “Joy comes in the morning.”

God loves you
God loves you

God bless and I hope you have a good day.