God understands our pain

How God comforts us when we are anxious

I’m having my devotions and I just read Psalm 94;19:

When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,

Your consolations delight my soul.

I wonder how many of you are feeling that way now. I’ve been there often so I understand. It’s just how some of us are wired. It’s a combination of genes, our word view, how we interpret events, our thought processes……..

There are probably as many unique triggers for anxiety as there are people. What causes anxiety in one person barely nudges another. Having dinner guests freaks me out; speaking in front of hundreds doesn’t. So we should never criticize another person’s anxiety.

It doesn’t matter what causes anxiety, the solutions are still the same. And there are many, exercise,rest, diet, diversion, meditation, the list goes on.

But if you are a follower of Christ, there is one constant. And that is God.

God understands anxiety.

He must because there are many Bible verses that address it.

Today’s verse says that God consoles us. How does he do that? Here are a few.

  • He provides comfort through prayer.
  • He provides comfort through his word.
  • He challenges us through his word.
  • He brings people into our lives to listen to us.
  • He brings distractions our way.
  • He “wraps his arms around us” in ways that are unique to us.
  • He puts resources in our path in the most surprising ways.

God arms 2

God provides relief.

The verse states that our anxious thoughts multiply, meaning we need to find ways to stop that from happening. We need to learn how to manage our anxiety before it gets to be a problem. That’s why I’m really excited about a series I’m preparing for October about our thoughts.

Make no mistake. Our thoughts are what makes us anxious.

I’m not an expert but in a way I am. This area has been my “Achille’s heel”, the “worm in my apple”, the “fly in my soup”, the “thorn in my side” my entire life. But I have gained great victory through prayer, study, and practice.

Until then, take comfort in knowing God gets your anxiety and doesn’t judge you for it but at the same time, He wants you to overcome it and he has provided the way.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

God's comfort
God’s comfort


2 thoughts on “How God comforts us when we are anxious”

  1. Rebecca, I have been following your posts for over a year. Was very unwell last year with depression/anxiety but with Gods help and your much needed advice I am sooo much better. I can relate to what you say completely and you have been so helpful. With Christian love from Rose.

    1. I can’t tell you how you have made my day. Blogging is like sending up a kite every day and having it fly away and never knowing what happens. Every day I pray for God to bless the readers of my blog, especially those dealing with mental health issues. What a reaffirmation for me that God is working behind the scenes. It encourages me to continue. Don’t give up your fight. Depression has an insidious way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it. Continue to do what has been working. Now I have a name I can pray for. God bless you mightily today and thank you for bringing me up to speed.

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