How I pick out paint colors

(This is a late post today. Busy trying to figure out what color to paint the dining room. Read more here.

Fridays are now going to be “frivolous Fridays” or “fancy Fridays”, which means I will post whatever strikes my “fancy”.

Today it’s about my dining room.

About three and a half years, my hubby and I had embarked on tearing up tile, re-placing some bedroom ceiling, re-doing our bathroom, and painting downstairs. Wouldn’t you know right in the middle of all this, my mother fell and was in the hospital and re-hab for a while.

I really wanted to paint my dining room a different color but because of all this I just didn’t feel I was in a good place to make a decision. For one, thing I obsess over it way too much. Mostly because the dining room and living room have ten foot ceiling and are good-sized. I’m happy with the living room though so that’s out of the equation.

So I want to go white but I’m nervous about it. I’ve never done a room all white before. Naturally I’ve had dozens of paint chips on the walls but still haven’t been able to make a decision.

Then last night, bingo, I knew the color I wanted. I love my watercolor paper, the color of it. It’s the perfect white, soft, neutral, not too much, yellow or gray. So this is white I did:


Now, do I cut off a piece of paper to take to Home Depot or did I have a point chip I had overlooked.

Do you see the chip at the top left? (Sorry for fuzzy picture.) Almost a perfect match.

So-o-o-o-0 as for right now, that’s the choice.

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(You notice, I said for “for right now”. Once I get the sample and actually put it on the wall, that could change. Why am I so fussy about this? Oh, I remember, because it’s a big room, tall ceilings and requires my hubby’s help. There’s only so much I’m willing to hound him about. 🙂 And only so much he’s willing to be hounded about. 🙁 )

So what do you guys think? I’m thinking going all white works in this room because there’s so much white in the living room (and more coming) to tie it all together.

Anyway, that’s my “fancy” for today. I gotta’ dash and go get my sample. (I’ll just bet my hubby hopes I don’t like it. A stay of execution.

God bless and I hope you have a really good day.


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