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How I survived the week and how you can too

Boy, if I never have another week like this past one, I would be happy.

It’s been a very stressful week. What made it worse is that the situation causing the stress was unavoidable. I probably didn’t handle it all perfectly either. Do we ever?

I should tell you that I was in constant communication with God this past week. There were lots and lots of short, desperate prayers shooting up all the time. I call them “arrow” prayers. (If you want to read a lot about prayer, just search this blog with the word “prayer”. There are lots of posts because prayer is a priority for me but not always, “the sit-down, open-bible in front of me” kind of prayers.)

You know that old saying, “No good deed goes unpunished”? I’m beginning to think it’s true.

Anyway, the situation has resolved and I’m looking forward to a “quiet” week-end.

So last night, I created a couple of pictures, using only black markers. It really relaxed me and I remembered how much I enjoy sketching and drawing. One was a success, one a total failure. We’ll start with the failure and get that out of the way first.

So I started with this. I liked where I was heading.

bl and white flower

Then I screwed it up. What was I thinking to add that second flower where I did? I mean they are totally indistinguishable from each other. I should have at least used a lighter touch to “recede” it a little.

bl and white flowers

So I added some gold along the edge of the big one to visually separate the two. It didn’t work.

bl and white flowersI will never show this to anyone.  Funny, considering I just posted it for all of you to see.

There is so-o-o-o- much wrong with this picture. For one thing, the top two flowers. For another thing, they are too high in the canvas. Should have left the flower to the right “open”. The leaves are too small which I could change but I dislike it too much to even do that.

Then I went to this abstract tree. This one I really like. I’ve painted a number of trees over the years. Even as a little girl, I loved climbing trees, sitting under trees, hiking under trees.

As a child, tress were always a refuge for me.

black tree

Come to think of it, the “failed” art piece could well represent how I felt much of last week. The “successful” art piece is how I feel about how it all ended.

I guess art does represent life.

So if you’ve had a bad week, please know someone else has, too,  and I survived. You can, too.

The message for you today is:

Do something you really enjoy, if even for just an hour. It’s one of the best antidotes for stress.

God bless and I really, really hope this is a good day for both of us.

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  1. Love this post. We all have good and bad days, the bad make the good ones more I think- the mistakes teach us what not to do again or what to do differently. I posted a poem today but the link to Joyce Meyer is one I think might encourage you too. God bless. And thanks for sharing. : )

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