How we rebel against change and how to recognize it.


I recently posted a number of posts about change and how there is one thing we shouldn’t change.

As much as we might want to change, we need to admit that we are all resistant to change. In his book Changed Into His Image, by Jim Berg, Berg refers to this resistance as rebellion. Berg suggests that we all resist change. ¬†I would pretty much agree with that . However, I will add a fourth category that I will call the “Enlightened” Rebel.

The Assertive Rebel

(Frankly, I would call this rebel, the obnoxious rebel. ūüôā )

This type of rebel is easy to spot. This is the person that loudly states no one is going to tell him what to do. Generally, these people are irresponsible. It’s always someone else’s’ fault, their boss, their spouse, the economy, the breaks they “didn’t” get., etc.

They’re arrogant and prideful even though they have nothing to be prideful about because they’ve accomplished very little.

They leave a trail of broken relationships and it’s always their fault.¬†¬†They project false sense of their own success. They suck the energy right out ¬†of the room. They are hard to be around.

These people will change only when forced into it by some drastic situation in their lives they can’t avoid.

The second personality who finds it difficult to change is the one Berg refers to as

The Cooperative Rebel

When we think about it, a lot of us find being “good” worthwhile simply because it makes our lives easier. It has very little to do with God working in our lives and more to do with making it easier on ourselves. We like the praise that comes with being such a “good” person. We wear it right out there for all to see. It’s how we make life work for us.

For some people, virtue comes easily. If it does, these same people may get caught up easily in disastrous mistakes because it is so easy for them.

What is easy to achieve is usually pretty easy to lose.

Satan was once an Archangel and look what happened to him.

These people find it difficult to change because until they realize that their “goodness” is more adaptive than God-inspired. ¬†It’s where their “goodness” comes from that needs to change.

The Passive Rebel

These are the typical passive-aggressive people. I know a number of people like this. They seem “laid-back”. They seldom are.

I find them much like the aggressive rebel; there’s always an excuse for their behavior but they are not so obvious. They “can’t help it”, they won’t take the first step about their health, their relationships, their future, without a lot of pressure. They depend on others for their motivation. They habitually take the “easy way out”.

If they don’t change, it’s because they haven’t put forth much of an effort.

We all fall into one of these general categories. In order to change as God directs, we need to know how we rebel, which category we fall in. Once we acknowledge this, then we can more easily hear how God is directing us.

The Enlightened Rebel

We are rebellious because that’s our nature. But once we acknowledge that rebelliousness, we are now “enlightened” rebels.

If we’re the “assertive” type, we’ve finally realized our struggles are no one’s fault but our own.

If we were the “cooperative” type, we’ve realized our goodness has been for accolades and approval and not because God is behind it.

If we’re the “passive” type, we’ve realized that we’ve been lazy in our approach to change. We’ve expected others to do it for us.

In each of these situations, acknowledgment of how we are naturally rebellious to God-initiated change, is a step in the right direction.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.



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