I have “walking” pneumonia

Yikes, I have “walking” pneumonia! I need to be careful so it doesn’t morph into the more serious version.

My hubby came home from hunting last week and was coughing really hard so I insisted he go to the doctor’s. He was diagnosed with bronchitis. He had told the doctor I had similar symptoms and she suggested I come in as well to be checked out. My appointment was for the next day.

I balked the next morning because I wasn’t coughing nearly as hard as my hubby. But he insisted so I kept the appointment.

I’m in the doctor’s office telling her how I thought this was a needless visit and that after she told me I just had a bad cold, I was going to go home and brag, “I told  you I was OK.”, when she looked at me and said, “”Um, no, I think he’s going to be telling you that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I didn’t hear any rattles in his chest like I do in  yours. You have pneumonia.


“You’re kidding, right?”

Well, she wasn’t. This was so out-of-blue. I don’t even get colds. And I have pneumonia?

Well, you can imagine what my husband said.

Anyway, this is day five since the diagnosis. I’m doing much better and just have to take it easy so it doesn’t get worse.

I’m telling you this because it’s probably my own fault. I’ve posted before how should pace ourselves and learn to say no. How we should take ourselves and our health seriously. How it’s OK to put ourselves first sometimes. How:

Sometimes it is all about us.

Even Jesus sought refuge. He changed his plans when the crowds surrounded him, sometimes avoiding certain cities altogether because the crowds were closing in on him. He often went to the hills for solitude and prayer.

Jesus choosing solitute

Sometimes I think we forget about Jesus’s humanity and put more pressure on ourselves than even Jesus did when he walked in human skin.

Here’s a post you might want to read.

I wonder how much better we’d all feel if we took even a few minutes every day to stop whatever we’re doing, no matter how much we enjoy doing it, and simply stop, close our eyes, and give our bodies a chance to rejuvenate.

I’m starting a self-imposed challenge today.

I am going to try to stop at least every two hours and practice what I preach. With the holiday season fast approaching, maybe if I start some good habits now, they will see me through the holiday season.

Think about giving yourself some time to step back as well.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.





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