backlash due to what is said

Is it ever a good thing to body-shame?

There was a recent article in “O” magazine about who should or shouldn’t wear crop tops. The article stated that only if you have a flat mid-section should you wear one.

Oh, my goodness.

The backlash was unbelievable.

backlash due to what is said

The magazine was accused of body shaming and of course, a lot of women posted pictures of themselves in crop tops, flaunting their not-so-attractive, midsection.

Of course, the social media was on fire with “offended”women posting pictures of their not-so-attractive midsection.

Now, let’s get some things clear.

  • Not everyone can wear every fashion and look good in it.
  • Not everyone should wear every fashion trend.
  • Obesity is a huge problem in the US.
  • Obesity, especially around the mid-section, is linked to all kinds of health issues.
  • Why do we take issue with everything? (Couldn’t we at least consider if there is some truth in what was said?) Do we have to react to everything?
  • If the shoe fits, wear it.
  • There is such a thing as good taste and fashion sense.

Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right.

I have been there myself. I’ve been offended by remarks about things in general which, after giving it some thought, realized I was just being too sensitive. But I’ve noticed that many people don’t think, they just react.

I am a small woman but, even if being over forty weren’t a good enough reason to not wear a crop top, I wouldn’t wear one anyway because I have some “rolls”.

Who wants to see that?

And finally, when we say something we honestly and thoughtfully believe, why do feel the need to take it back? To apologize?

What happened to integrity? Integrity means I say what I mean and mean what I say. Integrity means I stand by my words if they were carefully chosen in the first place. I don’t have to apologize because someone else thinks I should.

And if they do, maybe it’s their problem, not mine. (Do I really have to state that our opinions don’t always have to be expressed either.)

Let me ask a question. Who were the largest group of people accusing “O” magazine of body-shaming? I’m guessing it was those for whom the truth hurt.

Hey, I don’t like it either when I read something and say, “Wait a minute, I feel insulted.” But then I think about it some more and sometimes realize there is a truth there I need to think about.

I was tempted to post some pictures of unattractive midriffs but thought better of it. No telling what I would be accused of.

God bless and have a good day.

















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