hang up, PLEASE!!!


hang up, PLEASE!!!!!

If I don’t know you, do I really care about your personal business? I’m so sick of people talking on their “cells” and divulging information I couldn’t care less about.

I was at the dentist’s office last week.  A young woman was on her cell phone discussing some sort of financial problem she was having with an institution.  “I don’t want you to take the money out before I get it in the bank. You did that before.” She went on for about ten more minutes.

Seriously, what kind of person so easily shares that information with everyone in a waiting room? Did she honestly think no one heard what she was saying?  What’s the matter that people are so willing these days to let everyone hear their personal business? Whatever happened to self-respect and dignity? It’s ill-mannered and rude to put others in an uncomfortable situation which is exactly what happens.

And yet I’ll bet these same people were outraged to learn the government could be monitoring their conversations. Why would you care when you’re so willing to put it all “out there” for everyone to hear anyway.

So if you’re guilty, please be kind to those around you and move elsewhere. I don’t want to hear your argument with someone. I don’t want to hear your foul language. I don’t want to hear you telling someone off. I don’t want to hear any of your personal business.  Take your business and your phone and move to a more private location. Please!!!!!