What do you do when you really don’t want to get out of the boat?

Peter said to Him,”Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”

I wonder how many of us, even if we knew it was Jesus, would get out of that boat.

Not many, I’m afraid. Probably not me.

What boat is Jesus asking you to get out of?

Is it a really comfortable boat? Have you just gotten so used to your status quo that you can’t imagine stepping out?

Your boat could be an addiction and not necessarily to drugs or alcohol. What about food, TV, etc.?

Get out of your boat. Peter did. Sure he sank but at least he walked on water! That’s more than the rest of us have done.

Dear God,

Help me to be willing to weather the storms of life by trusting it is you calling my name. Give me the courage I need to reach out to your hand that is reaching out to me.

God bless and have a good day.

Why make lists? There are six really good reasons.

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A hard important truth about prayer.

A hard important truth about prayer is: From E.M.Boounds: Prayer which does not result in right thinking and right living, is a farce. We miss the whole point of prayer if it fails to purge character and change conduct. The character of the inner life is a condition of effectual praying. As is the life,…

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