Obedience to God is really important

Today E. M. writes about the important obeying God for answered prayers.

Here’s E.M. Bounds again:

“What is obedience? It is doing God’s will. It is obeying his commandments.


Nothing short of obedience to God’s will satisfies God, and the keeping of his commandments is the demonstration of it that God demands.

Obedience is love.

Thank God, it is possible for every believe to please their heavenly father. It is actually easier than pleasing one’s fellow man. “

E. M. further states that we really do know when we are obeying God’s commandments. We discern this through the inner voice of the Holy Spirit.

I think that is true. Don’t we all have that nagging feeling when we know we are not living as we should? If not, then that can only mean we have not trained ourselves to hear voice of the Holy Spirit.

Some of us, however, can be too sensitive and confuse the voice of the Holy Spirit with our own over-developed conscience. In those cases, I think we must investigate our feelings and stack them against what the Bible teaches. If there is no evidence we have been disobedient, then we must leave it alone.

When we have disobeyed, we sincerely confess it and move one. Wallowing in guilt doesn't do a thing for us and God doesn't require it. Click To Tweet

As a result, when we disobey and continue to carry guilt, we tempt satan (No, I don’t, or should I say, won’t, capitalize his name.) to attack us. He finds that crack in our soul and weasels his way in to take that guilt . He builds on it to make us feel even guiltier, even though we have confessed it.

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