blue juice container

Wait till you see my apple juice containers

I’m re-posting some pics of past DIY projects. I will be doing this all week. Hoping it might help you in case you need some inspiration.

You’re busy and I’m busy. (At least I hope I’m going to be well enough to be busy preparing for Thanksgiving.)

As usual I apologize for the lack of quality pictures.

My daughter-in-law had these adorable round plastic apple juice containers that I begged her to give me. She’s really good about saving me all kinds of “stuff”. Last week she brought me two great white cabinet doors I can’t wait to do something with.

Anyway, I had these adorable plastic juice containers and lots of pallet wood from a niece whose husband keeps me well-supplied.

What to do? What to do?

I had seen these great mason jars attached to pallet boards that I really liked. So I thought, why not these plastic containers? It was a challenge to figure out how to attach the plastic containers to the wood. So I’ll explain as I go along.

First. I spray painted the empty container With Rustoleum, aqua blue. Then distressed with sandpaper.

I got this:


The next step was figure out how to attach them to my pallet juice container


I simply hammered in a nail and used a box cutter to make a small slit in the back of the bottle then just pushed on the bottle. I made sure the slit was smaller than the nail as I wanted them to be secure.

Then all I did was space them on the board attach the rest of them and add the artificial gold twiggy-leafy thingees.”  I love it as does everyone else. You could use any plastic container that is thin enough.

Here’s the final product.

blue juice container



blue juice container

blue juice container artGod bless and I hope you have a good day.