Christmas bottles 2017

Another quick Christmas decorating idea

This  year I wanted to use one of my favorite color combos for Christmas ideas in the kitchen, red and aqua. I had these mostly Coke bottles (one in middle is a vinaigrette I had already painted and distressed that I had used before. I had stored them away for future reference just because I like them so much.

I also had the box but it was green. So I painted it blue, added the ribbon and Dollar Tree snowflakes, arranged the bottles, threw in some Christmas “picks” and I was done. Voila!

I thought it really turned out cute.

Christmas bottles 2017

I was telling a friend the other day that I found Christmas “picks” to be the most versatile of all Christmas decorations. Just pop some in any container and it’s instant decoration. Put them on a wreath form wrapped with whatever fabric or yarn you have laying around and you have a different decoration. Put them in a tree and it fills in a lot of blank spots.

What’s a favorite decoration you find yourself drawn to? You know, the one you use every year in a different way? I would love to know.

God bless and have fun decorating.

A DIY Dollar Tree Christmas sign

This is another very inexpensive quick craft if you’re in need of a last minute idea. Everything, except the board, is from the dollar tree.

First, let me share some of the backstory. I had bought these words from the Dollar Tree as soon as they went on sale. I’m learning that you need to act fast at the Dollar Tree. And, by the way, did you know that not all Dollar Trees are created equal.

By that I mean, they all carry different merchandise. So if you don’t find them store, check another if you can.

Anyway. I had some boards (I’m always scarfing up boards from garage sales, garbage day junk, junk pile at the big box stores. The ones for these projects are from the junk pile at a local big box store. The boards were different lengths, widths, and thicknesses.

I painted them red. Didn’t like them. I painted them white. I didn’t like them. I completely covered them with paper with no wood showing. Didn’t like them. Finally, I came up with black. I spray painted them and before the paint was completely dry, I wiped off some paint. I also distressed the edges with a sander.

I should also mention, that I nailed on picture hangers on the back at each end in case the recipient wants to put them on their wall. But because they are one-inch boards, they will stand up on their own.

Like, this one on top of my hutch.

I painted this one white first, then gold, then sanded off wide swaths of paint. The checked strip down the middle is from a roll of checked paper I found at Hobby Lobby for $1.50. There is a lot of paper on the roll and it’s very heavy. Don’t have any idea how it was meant to be used. I’m sure I’m going to find lots of uses for it.

Christmas sign 2017


Ok, back to this one. The plaid down the middle of this one is actually ribbon from the Dollar Tree. I used spray on adhesive for all the boards. These letters had jute hangers on them which I cut off but left the “nubs” on the front otherwise there would be a hole. I cut them off so the words would lay flat.

I already gave my daughter’s her sign so she could use it this summer. Naturally, I didn’t get a good picture of it but hers it totally different. It is painted red, distressed, has bright shiny tape down the middle and has Dollar Tree starts between the words. My husband thought it was the best one because it was so bright.

After this next photo, there is a slideshow that shows various views of the board.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This really is a quick project once you have all you need and have the boards painted. But even with having to paint and sand the boards, it’s still under an hour. Of course, I painted these boards when it was warmer so they dried quickly. If you’re having to do this in your home,  use craft paint and they will dry just about as fast.

Anyway, these Christmas signs are one of my favorite crafts this year. But I’m going to show you some more this week that I also think are great and they, too, are very inexpensive. I’m probably hanging on to some of them for next year and hoping no one remembers them.

God bless and keep creating. After all, it’s already December!

Christmas organization 2017

A little TOO organized?

Can a person be too organized?

I don’t know but I think you’ll get a kick out of this.

I posted last week about our Thanksgiving weekend, how much fun we had, …..

My daughter and I went shopping. That reminds me, I didn’t tell you about one of my favorite clothing stores on Northville. It’s called “Dear Prudence” and it carries really cute clothes. It’s not cheap though, so I generally only buy items when they are really marked down.

They had an unusual sale. We got there right after it opened because they were selling all the clothes on the marked-down racks for $10.00 apiece. I found a number of great items as did my daughter.

It was lots of fun and customers were offering the items they didn’t want to other women they thought would be interested. It had more like a home clothing party atmosphere.

After that, my daughter and I went for coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops ever. I hadn’t realized my daughter had been carrying a large bag instead of her usual purse. I was soon to find out why.

See if you can figure it out from this picture.

Yep. She had been lugging this notebook around all morning.

I howled.

We should all be so organized. Right?

By the way, she has to be. She works full-time, volunteers for her school and church, and is the mother of two small boys, one of which has special needs. You can read about his story here.

Anyway, hope you are encouraged to get organized. If not, just be like me, and do it by the seat of your pants.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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