giving thanks

I meant to start my month of thankfulness on Nov 1st but what with the remodeling and my mother’s health, that didn’t happen.  But hey, I’ll just start a few days late. There are some things I’m always thankful for—-God, my husband, my family, my friends, my home, […]

How I remodeled a house and a life

I didn’t post last week. I apologize. I’m sure you all remember that we are in the midst of a big remodeling project. About an hour into tearing up the living room carpet, my mother fell and ended up in the hospital. Two weeks prior my husband was in the […]

demoltion is good for the soul

Today I ripped up an insane amount of ceramic tile.  As you know, my home is over one hundred years old. It has an unusual floor design in the living room.  There was like this wide tile path that ran through the middle of the living room. Carpet was […]

i’m such an idiot

There are days my idiocy startles even me!  Really. Today is one of those days. If you read yesterday’s post, you know what I’m dealing with now. Today my mom is doing much better.  She’s working hard in therapy and will be coming home in about a week. But […]