McDonalds is ok with me

My husband and I just saw a commercial about McDonald’s and a conversation ensued     about the bad press McDonald’s gets for its unhealthy food. You should know we rarely eat at McDonald’s but every once in awhile I have to have their fish sandwich, fat calories and all. […]

bedroom reno’

I made these bird pictures for my recently renovated spare bedroom. I really like how they turned out.  Didn’t cost me anything other than the pictures which I think I paid about $3.00 total.  Will include more of this bedroom re-do in future. It turned out even better […]

Solomon’s wisdom

I’ve been reading about King Solomon this week.How he asked God for wisdom and how God granted his request. So why did the wisest man in the world have such a fall from grace? If you’re that smart, wouldn’t you think you’d avoid the obvious pitfalls? Wouldn’t you […]

it gets complicated

  I was feeling all warm and cozy at what had been an unexpected epiphany a couple of days ago when with one phone call I found myself fighting for that freedom. Than I realized something. (You can read it at “” for May 3oth. I’m not sure […]


Hubby and I taking week-end off. We’re driving along a highway and I’m drooling over what I’ve just seen. You’re probably imagining all kinds of wonderful things: A beautiful scene. A great looking restaurant. A great store. A beautiful lake. A coyote A rainbow. A field of flowers. […]


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