Being willing to vote our convictions

(I am copying this post from ????. That way those of you can read the original post and the follow-up in one post. who didn’t read it can read it with the follow-up immediately. You can decide for  yourself whether or not you think I followed my convictions. I […]

It’s All Good. Really?

It’s All Good For many Melt Down Mondays, I will be focusing on jargon I hear all the time that drive me nuts. Today is one such Monday. I hear this sentence being used a lot. I keep trying to figure out what people mean when they this. […]

Help! An envy worm has shown up

Today I encountered a new “worm”. Or should I say an old “worm” that just hadn’t shown its head for quite awhile? The worm that’s eating my apple today is comparison and envy. Our moods can easily plummet when we let our guard down even a little. I’m […]

Thrift store finds

Here are some of my latest finds. The orangey -red sewing cabinet is the most I’ve ever spent on an estate sale item, but you have to admit, it’s adorable. ($35.00.) Haven’t found a home yet though. Tried a # of different places in my home. Here’s a […]

hang up, PLEASE!!!

hang up, PLEASE!!!!! If I don’t know you, do I really care about your personal business? I’m so sick of people talking on their “cells” and divulging information I couldn’t care less about. I was at the dentist’s office last week.  A young woman was on her cell […]

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