Why you should always think bigĀ 

(These pictures are not good but you’ll get the point.) I think it’s great when you see someone fulfill a dream. I had that experience recently. It inspired me to finish something I started years ago. So here’s the story. My daughter-in-law was asked by a local business […]


When ghosts are in your house

I’m kidding, of course. I don’t believe in ghosts. But my grandson does think our house is “spooky”. Actually, when my husband was traveling a lot, my friends would ask me if I was afraid to be alone in this house. I never have been. Maybe that says […]

silverware holders

A bargain isn’t always a bargain

So I was in Arkansas last week. I told you why I needed to escape here. Anyway, I also told you how my cousin and I hit some carport sales. (That’s what they call them in the south.) Anyway, I found these @ Goodwill and they were half-price […]