thankfulness/O Obvious, Oceans, October, odd, Oil of Olay, old, olfactory, omncisent, omnipotent, owls, openness, opinion, options, orderly, ordinary, organize, outside, overabundance. Today’s choice was narrowed to “obvious”, “openness” and “organize” and “options”.  This one was hard to narrow down. I like things that are obvious. I don’t like […]


  I can be very naive at times. How about you?  My family is always kidding me about how naïve I am about some things. For example, if a family member tells me something outlandish, (like there’s such a thing as a Michigan peacock) I’m very apt to […]


Thankfulness/M/magical moments Math, men, manners, magical moments, marriage, meals, meadows, moderation, mothers,   music. Boy, there are a lot of words that begin with “M”.  I’m thankful for math because I like things to add up. I’m definitely thankful for men.  I’m thankful for manners especially in a world […]

Laziness is not an option

Laptops, large, little, laughter, loud, love, later, laziness, learning, libraries, less, life, light, limits, lines,, logic, loyal,  So many choices. Love would be an easy pick, way too easy. I love libraries and learning. I like to laugh. Less is more. I like the fact that there are […]


Kindness, kissing, knitting, knowledge, knees. I like knitting. It’s very therapeutic. I like knowing things. I like kissing. I’m very fond of my knees. But I’m going to focus on kindness mostly because it seems to be in shorter and shorter supply anymore. People just don’t seem as […]

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