thankfulness/S Sanity, saucy, scallion, scenic, schools, Scotland, sea, seeds, sensitivity, sequel, sermon, shabby, sight, silence, simple, sleep, smooth, snow, soft, songs, sun, spicy, spirituality, spirit, spots, standards, stillness, stone, strategy, strength. Boy, there are a lot of words that start with “S”. I’m in a quandary-which to pick, […]


  thankfulness/T Today I didn’t even to think about it.  I always knew what “T” was going to be just like I always knew what “P” was going to be (Pinterest). Today I’m thankful for travel. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. A few years ago, the […]


Thankfulness/R Relieve, restitution, ready, reason, rescue, retreat, restore You would be amazed to know how many words start with “re”.  Lots and lots. I am so ready for my next game of “Words With Friends.”  Today I’m picking “rescue” because I often need rescuing. This is going to […]

depression’s gift

(I’m adding another post today. Just think I should.) DUH!  Boy, do I need help. I only just figured out the importance of adding “links” to my blog. I had a book from the library called “Idiots Guide to WordPress”. That definitely is me when it comes to […]


  Thankfulness/Q Quality, qualify, quake, quarrel, quilt, quiet, quirky. Today I am thankful for quiet. (Quiet doesn’t necessarily mean lack of noise. We can be quiet within even when it’s noisy around us. But for this post, I’m referring to quiet as the lack of noise.) I’m not […]

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