Thankfulness/M/magical moments Math, men, manners, magical moments, marriage, meals, meadows, moderation, mothers,   music. Boy, there are a lot of words that begin with “M”.  I’m thankful for math because I like things to add up. I’m definitely thankful for men.  I’m thankful for manners especially in a world […]

Laziness is not an option

Laptops, large, little, laughter, loud, love, later, laziness, learning, libraries, less, life, light, limits, lines,, logic, loyal,  So many choices. Love would be an easy pick, way too easy. I love libraries and learning. I like to laugh. Less is more. I like the fact that there are […]


Kindness, kissing, knitting, knowledge, knees. I like knitting. It’s very therapeutic. I like knowing things. I like kissing. I’m very fond of my knees. But I’m going to focus on kindness mostly because it seems to be in shorter and shorter supply anymore. People just don’t seem as […]

Why women love their jeans

  Is there a woman alive who doesn’t love her jeans?  I know why I love mine. They hold me in. They lift me up. They make me look ten pounds lighter. I can wear them for three or four days before they start to lose their shape.  They […]


  Thankfulness/I Identity, ideals, ice, ignorance, illogical, illusion, imagination, impatience, imperfect, impossible, individual, infinity, information, integrity Today I’m grateful for ignorance. Yep. Ignorance. Sometimes it’s just good to not know some things.  Sometimes I choose ignorance. I choose not to know what celebrities are doing, who they’re dating […]


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