bedroom 1

Yea! The foundation is done.

Here we go. The foundation has been laid.

Here’s the truck delivering the first load of materials.

bedroom addition


Here are the holes being dug for the cement and the posts for the foundation.

But I’m still perplexed as to where to put the windows and which wall the bed is going to be on. My thinking is this:

Place the windows higher than the posts of the bed so the bed can be placed on at least two walls. I have so many windows now, it’s hard to place furniture anywhere because they are long windows. But the upside is there is lots of light. And I do like lots of light.

Here are some more bedroom pictures I’ve found for inspiration. (These pictures are from Houzz. Wanted to make sure I gave credit where credit is due.) See the shiplap in this one? Think I am going to go ahead and at least do one wall in shiplap. The bedroom will not be big, 12 x 16. Most of you probably have bedrooms bigger than that. I would’ve gone bigger but then the bedroom would be bigger than the cabin!

You will notice in this picture that the window on the vaulted wall is high enough to accommodate the bed frame. I’m pretty sure this is where I’m heading except the window will be a slider. And I think I will settle on my favorite white, Cottage White by Behr. My dining room is that color as is all my trim downstairs. It’s a soft creamy white. Very warm.

bedroom 2


I have noticed that many of the bedrooms with vaulted ceiling do not have the bed up against the vaulted wall. I think I know why. Because if the bed is against that wall, you don’t get to see it when you’re in bed.

bedroom ideas

Hope you are enjoying the process with me. I’ll be posting more pictures next week.

God bless and have a good day.

ps. Somehow a post I thought was a draft published yesterday. If you received it, it really wasn’t finished. It was ok as it was but I needed to add a little more. I’ve since deleted it. Will republish at a future date.


garage sale finds

Boy, did I score this week-end. Great finds!

Sometimes you hit it just right. This weekend was one of those. I don’t always find garage sales where the person is my size and likes the same kind of clothes I do.

But last Friday I found the perfect match. Small sizes and just my style. Here’s a few pics. Each of these pieces of clothing was $2.00 apiece. The dress is perfect. I wish you could feel the fabric. It’s really, really nice.  The jacket is very soft so could be worn as a blouse and not a jacket.

garage sale finds

garage sale finds


Then I found these at another sale. I love, as was the boxes this size. Those gloves are plush and fully lined. Box was a quarter, the gloves were $1.00, necklace was $1.00. Check out next picture for what is in the tube.

garage sale finds


Can you see the pattern? It’s a brick type pattern and I think I will use it in our cabin. This was $2.00. Have you priced this in the stores? It is not cheap.

garage sale finds



This blouse is really cute. I put the ties in the front so you could see them.

I just love this top. It has my favorite sleeve and is the perfect length for leggings.

garage sale finds


But this purse is the frosting on the cake. It’s the Relic brand which is a great brand for a purse. It’s 100% leather. Ask me, “How do you know that, Rebecca?” Because the darn thing weighs a ton. That’s the only drawback. All leather purses do though. But for three dollars I thought, “Why not?”

garage sale finds

cabin bedroom

How we decided about the new addition

Seeing as I’ve been writing about decision-making, I thought maybe I would share with you how we arrived at our decision to add-on to teeny-tiny-red-cabin.

First of all, the cabin is really small with no separate bedroom, just an alcove. So if my husband wants to go fishing or hunting really early, I usually wake-up and then he feels bad. Also, if someone spends the night and they sleep on the futon, we are all in the same room.

Plus, it might be better for resale. So the decision to add on a bedroom just made common-sense.

Then, of course, there is the cost. This required more thought. We had been considering this for a couple of years and had been praying about it. We both trusted that were it not in God’s plan, He would make it clear. In no way, does this addition impact our financial commitment to our church. We wouldn’t even consider it if it did.

When we finally found a contractor who communicated with us, we saw it as a heads-up from God. So far it continues to be a heads-up.  This was not a quick decision.  And even when we’re sure of God’s leading, things can happen. For example, suppose we run into problems with the addition? Does that mean we made a mistake? Does running into a problem means we didn’t hear God clearly?

If you think that, then consider Moses’s leading the Israelites out of Egypt. If he took every detour as a sign he’d heard God wrong, he would’ve surely given up.

Running into difficulties doesn’t automatically mean we’ve made a wrong decision.

It can, of course, but it’s not a “given”. And it may mean, that the decision was right but that there is some fine-tuning to be done. That’s how I’m going to be looking at this construction project.

Am I nervous about it?


Will there be some quick decisions we may need to make?


But if God has truly been behind this decision, there will be an overall peace.

With my mother’s health, I made a lot of decisions, quick decisions. Did I make some wrong ones?  I only know that every day I prayed for God’s wisdom for whatever decisions I needed to make concerning her. So even though some of those decisions seemed spontaneous, they really weren’t.

I will keep you up-to-date on the process. I plan on taking lots of pictures. It’s exciting but I’m nervous, too, having never done this before.

I hope you have a great day today and God bless.

The day is here! Construction to begin.

I am sitting on the front porch of my little bunkhouse waiting for the materials for the addition to be delivered.

I can’t believe the day is finally here.

But while I am excited I also wish I could tell my mom all about it. I want to show her the “process” pictures. I want to ask her opinion about design issues. She was always able to come up with something I hadn’t thought of. 

Somehow I feel like I shouldn’t be doing this now, a little over two months since her death. It’s crazy but the longer the time since her death the more it becomes real. I hadn’t expected that. 

But if not now, when? Building weather in Michigan isn’t that long. If we don’t get it done now it will be next year.

We can let life’s sadness destroy us or we can move on. It’s hard though and my feelings are very conflicted.

I know once the materials are delivered, I get caught up in the creative process. I love anything creative and this will rank as one of the biggest creative projects ever.

I will keep you posted.

God bless and have a good day.

Ps. Posting this from my phone and can’t delete the second picture. Oh, well.


How to make good decisions?-part two

(This post today was a follow-up to yesterday’s post. This happened four years ago and I had kind of forgotten about it. That’s what is so great about blogging. I have a record of past events.

I was very vague when I wrote this but now with the recent death of my mom, I can tell you this post was about her. I loved her very much. I still do. But we had some difficult times. I tried really hard to make her happy. Sometimes I know I did but I often felt inadequate because I didn’t know what else to do. 

I can tell you now that this was about a trip to Florida. My husband and I love our two weeks away. He loves fishing there. I love the beach. To cancel our trip would’ve been a big deal. We had already reserved our usual place, stopped the mail, were packed etc.

The day before we were to leave, my mother told me she felt really sick.. I saw her every day and she had not mentioned it the day before.  It seemed she only had a cold with a slight cough.  When I asked her how long she had felt “really bad,” she said “days”.  I was not happy that she had sprung this on me at the last-minute knowing we had been planning this trip for months. I told her she was going to the doctor the very next morning then if she was that sick. She balked but I insisted.

I took her to the doctor the very next day and she was diagnosed with bronchitis. This was the day we were to have left for our trip. We cancelled it. And while I didn’t like it, I knew I couldn’t just go off and leave her.  Before you say, “Well, of course not,” I need to tell you my brother lived with her. He had lived with her about four years and lived with her until her death.  But let’s just say I was the one who kept on top of her health. I wasn’t sure he would take proper care of her. 

I look back and am very happy with that decision. God knew there was no way I could go off with a clear conscience and so he made it clear what I should do. Yes, my husband was fully supportive. I didn’t mope or carry-on or any such thing. I had a real peace.

The following post is all about that process of decision-making.)


 I just want you to know that my decision-making process has begun all over again because of new developments.  Developments that took me by surprise and threaten to completely mess everything up.

Remember I said in the last post that I was counting on God to make it clear if I am to change course. I should’ve added that it’s sometimes hard to know if God is telling us to change course or if it’s the enemy’s (you can call him what you want) way of causing us to doubt what God has revealed.  This can be very difficult to figure out.

There are some who would say otherwise, that God always makes things crystal clear, but I try to avoid contact with these people because it has been my experience that those people generally live with their heads in the clouds.) It would be wonderful if life were easy to figure out. Maybe for some people it is. Their life is easy; things just fall into place. My life is not like that right now-not at all.  It’s complicated. Very. And just a few hours ago, it got a lot more complicated.

So how will I know now what to do? I have a very narrow window to make a decision.  I’m honestly not trying to be vague. But the details of what’s happening in my life or yours are not as important as discussing this whole business of decision-making overall. I need to be general enough to help everyone. But if I’m aware of that, you ask, why can’t I just move on? Well, this same person is very elderly and not emotionally stable having suffered severe depressive episodes their entire life. Our decision is whether we leave on a trip tomorrow or not. If I had days to write and you had days to read, I still wouldn’t be able to explain it all to you. It’s that involved.

You can know that this is an elderly person who is not emotionally stable and has suffered severe depressive episodes their entire life.  Consequently, sometimes it’s hard to know if there is a valid crisis or not. Our decision is whether we leave on a trip tomorrow or not. If I had days to write and you had days to read, I still wouldn’t be able to explain it all to you. The history with this person is that complicated.

So once again I’m on my knees, if only figuratively. This morning the decision was made to go. We’ve rented the car. We’ve stopped the mail. We’re packed. Are you getting the picture? Now I’m having to reconsider. But I’m very proud of the fact that once again wisdom has been provided and once again I’m on the right track in my thinking. Tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment will seal the deal one way or the other.

I am hoping this will now be an easy decision to make but considering this person’s history, it won’t be. This is leading me to make an important point about decision-making.

A decision that is right for us may not feel that way to someone else. As long as God is behind our decision, it’s ok.

What do we do if our decision is going to cause someone some degree of discomfort? It depends on the degree and who’s going to feel it, doesn’t it?

Whose discomfort is going to be greater? I didn’t realize until I started to post tonight that this is what this decision is all about. Their discomfort or mine? I can handle a lot. I have a track record that proves it.

So here I am tonight. Not looking forward to tomorrow. Knowing there’s no way, no matter what decision I make, that I’m going to come out on top. Finally, God knew all this was going to happen so he must have a plan. Tomorrow it will unfold. I am trusting God will once again put a stumbling block in the way if going ahead with our trip is wrong. If he doesn’t I’m going to assume it’s still a go.

But God knew all this was going to happen so he must have a plan. Tomorrow it will unfold. I am trusting God will once again put a stumbling block in the way if going ahead with our trip is wrong. If he doesn’t I’m going to assume it’s still a go.

God is not a God of confusion. Scripture is clear about that. If I’m confused tomorrow about what to do, it will be my own confusion that I must muddle through.

God bless and I hope you have an non-confused day.

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