A most unusual tree picture

I started this tree picture years ago and only recently got it framed and on the wall.

It’s a conglomeration of technique and media. The white rough background is dry wall mud. Yep!!!

The tree is bits and pieces of plain white paper that I painted on with no particular plan. A few years ago I took a lot of plain white paper and just went nuts with paint, spattering it, dabbing it, whatever struck my fancy at the time. I have a large stash of papers I used for collages.

The quotes are decoupaged on from various sources.

Then there’s cheap acrylic paint. I would love to tell you the actual process except I haven’t a clue. I was just playing around and this is what happened.original art



Here’s a close-up.


More close-ups above and below.


I hoped you like my tree.

God bless and have a good day.


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