Relish the unpredictable

Just getting back from week-end away visiting our wonderful two little grandsons.

Can I just say, we’re tired? 🙂

Tired, though, from hugs and kisses and constant activity. Tired from being woke up way too early by the three year old who can now get out of his crib and turn on his CD player and dance while singing at the top of his lungs.

Or the five year old who insists on teasing me mercilessly.

Tomorrow morning we will wake up, drink our coffee leisurely and wish we had two little guys crawling all over us.
It will be way too quiet.

But someone else will be looking forward to the time they will have peace and quiet in the house.

(Can I just say though that those of us who’ve been both places would say, “Enjoy every wild and crazy moment. There will come a time when you would wish you had all the craziness again.”)

Somewhere there must be a balance. But honestly, I wouldn’t want it.

Not really.

There’s something to be said for the pendulum. I’m easily bored so this actually works for me.

Having just said that, I will, as soon as we get home, be packing to leave in four days to take my mom to her brother’s funeral which is a twelve hour trip. Yikes!

Now that trip IS going to wear me out.

But again, this is life. The ups and down, the busyness and the calm, the sad and the happy, the excitement and the boredom, the crisis and the normality, the worries and the peace.

It seems to me the only way to handle life is to realize there isn’t a one of us, who escapes any of it. We adapt the best, we have the most happiness, when we accept and actually relish the unpredictability of life.

Because if there is one thing we can count on, it’s that life is never constant.

It wouldn’t be life if it didn’t change. I don’t know what we would call it.

BUT, and this is the part we Christians must cling to, is that God never changes. And this immutable fact is what holds us together in the midst of the roller coaster ride.

Well, I’m writing this from my cell phone in the car heading home. NO, I’m not driving. 🙂 Eyes are getting sleepy.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.