Can we “see” God’s voice?

I was thinking today. Do we always only hear God’s voice? Can we see God’s voice?

The ongoing series I’m posting in the mornings is about hearing God’s voice. But I’ve experienced the voice of God.through my eyes in some spectacular ways as well. I hope you  enjoy listening to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong as you read this post. No matter what’s going on in our lives, God is still the author of a wonderful world.

As seen in:

Waves thrashing the shoreline and leaving reminders of the riches deep below.

shell on beach
shell on beach

Rocks with intricate design.

rocks/property of

Sand as white as snow

White sand
White sand/property of

The beach

beach/property of

So much more. And God is the Creator of All.

sparkling beach


sea flowers pink landscape



I hope you listened to Louis Armstrong as you read this post. If you didn’t and just want to read the words, here they are. (You’ll have to turn off the volume if you don’t want the music again.)

Yes, I SEE God’s voice as much as I hear it.

God bless and I hope you see God’s voice everywhere.