Some ideas for your mom

Some of you may have mom’s who are very difficult to buy for.

My mom is one of those. There isn’t much she can do now, so that makes buying her a present very difficult.


But I do know what will mean the most to her.

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There’s nothing our parents want more, especially our moms.

There will come a time when those of us who are moms will want that same gift from our children, their time.

I don’t know if “what goes around comes around”is true, but if it is,I want to be a recipient of the “comes around”.

So don’t worry about buying your mom that perfect present because that perfect present is YOU and your time.

Time is what is the most precious of all. There is no price we can put on our time. But to our moms, it isĀ priceless.


God bless and I hope you have a good day.