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A special blessing for you today

original art by Rebecca Platt

I wanted to write something special today.

A blessing.

A prayer for all of you who are struggling with physical pain.

Praise the Lord my back injection seemed to have worked. I am able to walk up and down the stairs like a normal person.

I’m able to get up from a sitting position and take steps immediately without having to gain my strength and balance.

I actually “bounded” down the stairs today-the first time in over four years.

I’ve been saying, “Thank you, God” almost continuously.

But this might be temporary. I don’t know how long the injection will be effective and I certainly don’t want injections to be commonplace in my future.

 At the same time, I want to chase my grandchildren,  pick them up, get on the floor with them—-I want to be able to garden.

Yesterday during my devotions I read this in Hosea 11:3…..”But they did not know that I healed them.” God is the ultimate healer.

I’ve learned during my walk with Christ that when I receive a blessing, I need to give it back in some way. I don’t know my followers personally so this is the way I chose to pay my blessing forward:

breathe prayer2

May the God of all healing comfort you today.

May your pain, whether physical or emotional, be relieved today.

May you feel hope.

May you feel God’s presence today in some way, through a smile, a word, a touch, a feeling……

May resources and medical people cross your path and give you further direction. 

May you be encouraged on your journey to healing, whatever form that healing takes. 

May your faith be strengthened in this journey as you remember that it is indeed God who is the Great Healer.

May you find some comfort knowing that someone is praying for you.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.