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I’ve seen it all. Well, maybe not but this is insane.

Enchanted Cottage/inspirational, encouragement

I’ve had one busy weekend and have lots to tell you and show you. Nailed a couple of great garage sale finds that I will post about this week.

But as I was perusing some websites, I came across one that featured a young woman, I mean maybe in her late twenties at the oldest. The whole post was about the moisturizers she used to delay her regularly scheduled Botox injections.

Remember, the late twenties at the oldest!!!!!

So she listed her favorite moisturizers. The cheapest was $160 going all the way up to $600.00. I couldn’t believe it.

What is she going to do as she gets older?

I wanted to get my hands on her and shake her and tell her this is a game she is not going to win. She is not going to be able to stave off the aging process forever. She IS going to get older and she IS going to look older.

And if she spends all her time obsessing about her looks, she is going to miss out on her life.

And she is going to end up the same place as all of us but will miss out on so much.

Trust me, I’m not judging her. I feel sorry for her.

Plus, I know I’m right because I’ve been there.

I’m so glad I’ve passed the age of forty because that seems to be the most dreaded age for women.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for doing all we can to look as good as we can. I’m all for facials, good skin care products, exercise, eating right…I’m not sure when it comes to Botox. Frankly, I would love to have one Botox injection in my forehead that would last for at least one year. I’d do that in a heartbeat. But Botox averages around $200.00 per injection and it only lasts for about three months. Do the math. That I’m NOT going to do.

I think looking our best is even quite Biblical. There is nothing in Scripture that suggests otherwise and there’s plenty to suggest that women in the Bible tried to look as good as they could.

Who is the faced we see in the mirror? Is it truly a reflection of us? When we look like caricatures of ourselves, what good is that?

There is so much more to beauty than a flawless and perfect face. Yet, even though we know that, we find it hard to believe about when it’s us we’re talking about.


I’ve said nothing new at all today, have I?  You knew all this. But it’s a very different thing to try to live it.

Maybe it’s something we should pray about. Maybe we should pray that we are so full of grace and love that it emanates from us wherever we go. And if it does, we will be seen as beautiful.

In an earlier post, I mentioned a wonderful old movie I saw called, “The Enchanted Cottage”. I don’t want to spoil it for you but if you are having an issue with how you think you look (you’ll notice I said “think”), you need to watch this movie. It’s a truly sweet and inspiring movie.

Enchanted Cottage/inspirational, encouragement

Here’s a link to the remake. But if you like old black and white movies, here’s a link to the original which is even better.

Enchanted Cottage/inspirational, encouragement

One final thought. The desire to look good is actually very motivating. When we look good we feel empowered. It’s easy to sit back and let ourselves grow stale like a moldy piece of bread. When we don’t look and act vibrant and energized, we lose interest in life. And that’s just as bad.

In fact, when I think of that young woman, I remind myself that going the other way is so good either.

What do you think?

Hope this got you to thinking. God bless and have a good day.


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