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Attitude, Smattitude

Don’t you get sick of hearing that attitude counts for everything? Don’t you get sick of hearing about people who’ve overcome great obstacles and, of course, it’s always their “great” attitude that got them there.

I mean; it’s such a bore. it’s so trite. The concept is so overworn. Just maintain a positive attitude and everything will turn out great.

Can we be honest here? If a great attitude guaranteed everything would turn out great, don’t you think everyone would develop one? A great attitude doesn’t guarantee a great outcome.

But what’s the alternative? A “bad” attitude?

For sure, a bad attitude certainly doesn’t help a person or a situation. And while a good attitude doesn’t guarantee a good outcome, a bad attitude almost surely predicts a sour one.

Much as I hate to admit it, attitude does make a difference. Not in the outcome but in the person.

I like what John Maxwell says in The Choice Is Yours”.. “Circumstances may not be of your choosing, but your attitude is all yours.”

So, as much as we don’t like the responsibility that such a choice places on us, it’s true nonetheless. So whatever you are facing today, remember that how you choose to view it, the thoughts you choose to think, the spoken or unspoken words you choose to use, those choices are yours..