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If you’re feeling anxious today


Anxiety is not a sin. Anxiety is not a character flaw. Anxiety is not a death sentence.

What anxiety is, is the way some people’s brains respond to negative words, people, circumstances. Some people respond to these things with headaches, backaches, stomaches, all if which carry a certain these are ok kind of acceptance about them. That’s probably why few people really want to call their anxiety what it is.

Society accepts these other complaints as only physical because they don’t know the strong connection between physical complaints and mental health.

If you’re feeling anxious today, don’t be afraid to name it as anxiety. Once you call it what it is, it’s sting goes away and we can focus on doing those things that will relieve it.

For me though, identifying my anxiety then means looking inside myself then to figure out what’s causing it.

That might well mean putting moi first-not a bad thing at all. It means doing what we enjoy and avoiding certain conversations. It means speaking positive words to ourselves and others. It means counting our blessings. But mostly it means trusting God. God sees your anxiety and He doesn’t condemn you for it. He only asks you to let Him help with it.

Today, don’t let your anxiety get the best of you. It’s only a feeling. It’s harmful to you only if you allow it to be.

Anxiety is not weakness and nothing to be ashamed of anymore than the physical symptoms listed above. Give yourself a break where that is concerned.

Actually one could safely say that at least anxiety is a symptom of an intelligent, thinking individual. How many self-centered, shallow people do you know that get anxious?

Anyway, God bless have a great day.

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