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Are you the passenger or the pilot of your life?


I was listening to a sermon on the radio yesterday and I heard this wonderful phrase:

You’re not the passenger; you’re the pilot.


I’ve probably written more on the subject of personal responsibility than just about anything else.

Even as I typed that statement above, I thought about how often I don’t live my life that way. It’s as though I never wrote a word of it.

I still, on occasion, blame someone else for my bad mood. I sometimes still shrink from accepting responsibility for my actions. I sometimes still don’t remember I’m the author of my words.

I’m just like you in this regards. But that doesn’t mean anything I’ve written is wrong. It’s all true and it’s all true for every one of us.

However your day is going today, remember YOU are the one piloting the plane. No one else but you has the controls in their hands. It’s all on you. It’s all on me.

It’s easier to blame others. This is true for everyone. 

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choices today determine future tomorrow

Hope these help.

God bless and have a good day.