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DIY/my chalk-painted kitchen table

So let me tell you about my kitchen table. It was an exchange actually. On a very snowy day my friend and I exchanged kitchen tables. We had both decided we didn’t like our own tables and didn’t want to spend any money, so voila!

It was a sight to behold. We had to take them out my back door which opens on to my deck. Then around the garage and finally to the truck. Our husbands thought we were nuts but they had become used to our shenanigans so knew better than say anything.

I got the better deal (my husband would disagree) because the table she gave me was an antique. As usual I forgot to take a “picture” but you can get an idea from the pictures below.


table before/faithsighanddiy



So here’s what I did. I lightly sanded everything. You really don’t have to with chalk paint but this was a highly shiny table.

I mixed my own chalk paint as always. I used Plaster of Paris and mixed it quite thick. I’ve used calcium carbonate as well and like them both. I applied three coats. I sanded with fine sand paper and then waxed with Johnson’s Paste wax. I have an electric car buffer I bought for five dollars at a garage sale last summer. I have to admit, my husband did the buffing. I love it.

Now for those of you who question my use of chalk paint for a kitchen table. I have an end table that is highly abused all the time. I’m always wiping it off with a wet cloth. The table is two years old and it’s wearing beautifully. If the kitchen table doesn’t hold up I can always repaint it. But I’m not really worried about it. It’s supposed to look old (Hey, it is old.)  so any additional accidental distressing will only add to its charm.

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This summer I will paint the chairs. But I’m not using chalk paint. I will spray paint them black.



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