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DIY/a wake-up call

(Heads up.¬†This is a re-post from way back when and from my other blog. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how blogging, the technical side, has been a steep learning curve for me. I’m re-writing some very early blogs because I did so much wrong in those early days.. Like wrong tags, no tags, no categories, etc. I like to think I know so much more now. ūüôā Some of these early posts set the stage for subsequent posts. I’m not re-posting just to re-post. I’ve spent even more time on these than I did the originals, another mistake. Anyway, this disclaimer will appear when I re-post something which won’t be too often. Thanks for understanding.)

This blog finally became reality when I decided (after years of procrastination) to paint my dining room hutch. When I see this “before”, ¬†I remember how much I disliked it for years.

003 (3)

Here it is in progress.

002 (3)

The thought of possibly ruining it kept me paralyzed. But one morning I knew the¬†time had come. I was up early and painting by 10:00 am. For some reason, that morning’s resolve was an epiphany. After years of studying my nemesis, depression, and coming to terms with where I wanted my life to go, it just all finally came together like a really good recipe.¬† It seemed as though during the night God had¬†silently imprinted on my mind, ¬†“You can go ahead and enjoy your life.¬† It’s o.k. I approve.”

edited copy 2

It seems there¬†has¬†always¬† been a “worm in my apple”.¬† There’s always been something that wants to take away the sweetness of life. It’s like I thought I didn’t deserve to be healthy, to be happy, to make a mistake. Ten years ago, with my doctor’s permission, I decided to fly solo-no more anti-depressants.¬† No safety net. The time had come to face my demons.¬† My blog will share many of the techniques and strategies I’ve learned these past years that have kept me medication free. Continue reading “DIY/a wake-up call”

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