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anxiety/part three

anxiety/google images

anxiety/google images

(Long post today.) The past eight days I’ve been posting about anxiety.

To recap, anxiety is a horrible feeling. Usually, but not always, anxiety and depression go hand in hand. There all kinds of reasons one may feel anxious. There are those real situations that can cause anxiety to flare up. There are triggers from the past, we have a flashback and feel anxious. There are medications that can cause anxiety as well as medical conditions. We may, due to past experiences, be somewhat “hardwired” for severe anxiety. It was how we coped as a child and we haven’t got beyond it. There is some evidence that constant anxiety actually changes the chemical make-up in our brain, making further attacks automatic.

Anxiety is really fear, isn’t it? And usually the anxiety we are feeling is out of proportion to the actual situation. When we are afraid or anxious in general, it’s called free-floating anxiety. We can’t really pin what we’re feeling anxious and worried about. I think that’s the worst kind of anxiety. It’s easier to deal with anxiety when we can pinpoint the reason. And some people engage in meta worrying.

Rumination is a particular problem in anxiety. It’s the constant going over in our minds the thing we are worried about. It’s never constructive and it’s never a problem-solving process.  Click button for rest of post. Continue reading “anxiety/part three”