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jumping from a plane

Jumping from a plane when you don’t have a parachute.

That would be foolish, huh?

Who jumps from a plane without a parachute? No one. Unless, of course, they have a death wish.

(Of course, some people have but I stick with my previous statement about having a death wish and those that did had either a net to catch them or another skydiver to “catch” them.)

But there are people who do much the same thing all the time. They spend money as if there were a never-ending supply, as is there really were a “money tree.” They spend energy as if they have supernatural strength. They “share” their bodies as if doing so guaranteed they will be loved. I could go on. But you get it, right?

And I think we all do it all the time. We simply don’t think of the consequences.

We jump before we think.

jumping from a plane

We don’t think we need a  “restraint” parachute.

Let me use a recent example. I will pick on Kathy Griffith. Did she break any laws? Nope. But did she jump without a parachute? Yep.

How did she get to a place where she didn’t realize how awful her actions were? I would suggest it’s because she’s been jumping without a parachute for a long time and she finally landed hard.

That’s what jumping without a parachute will do.

Every time.

Or the woman I know who has no regular income yet goes to the casino when she does manage do come up with a few bucks. That’s also jumping with a parachute.

Or like me, when I spend every bit of physical energy I have working hard on something that doesn’t need to be done all in one day.

As my mother was dying I knew I had a choice about where I invested my emotional energy. I could’ve jumped without a parachute and tried to meet everyone else’s emotional needs, or I could grab a parachute so I could glide and meet my own needs. I chose to do the latter.

This was my mother. Only my brother and I were losing a mother. Some were losing their grandma, great-grandma, etc. But we were losing our mother.

When I could, of course, I tried to help others with the loss they were feeling but, and I’m being painfully honest here, I chose to concentrate on me. I have not regretted that for one minute.

I think one of the healthiest things we can do sometimes is to know what our need is and be sure that need is met.

It isn’t that we don’t meet other people’s needs as much as we can. It only means that it’s easy to get out of balance when we give of ourselves to the point of depleting our own emotional, physical, and mental health.

If we keep jumping out of our plane without a parachute we won’t be flying high for too long. We will eventually free fall.

It’s a guarantee.

I’ve known a lot of people who find themselves in a dead heap on the ground because they never plan on the safety a parachute provides.

God bless and have a good day.






Hillary Clinton cookie

Whoa! Christmas is almost here.

I was absent from blogging yesterday.

I was absent this morning.

Yesterday, wasn’t feeling so good.

This morning, grocery shopping.

But I’m here now and don’t have a lot to say except I think I’m almost done shopping and buying.


So I’ll show you some more pictures and hope you will forgive me that this is such a “light” post. Hey, it’s Christmas. We don’t want heavy, do we?

This is my hubby’s Hilary Clinton cookie, pantsuit and all. But there’s more.

HIllary Clinton cookie


Here’s my husband’s Donald Trump cookie. I think he was trying to come up with “orangish” hair but it didn’t work.

donald trump cookie


These are my granddaughter’s cookies. You can see where the cookie-baking and decorating talent lies.

Selina's cookies

If you’re baking cookies, I hope it’s going well for you. If you need what I consider the best roll-out cookie in the world, check it out here. Seriously, it is so good.

I know most bakers use a sugar cookie recipe but this one is so much better. It’s not so sweet but it’s loaded with butter so it’s extremely tender and yet it holds up well to rolling-out and is easy to frost.

Anyway, keep at it, folks. Repeat after me,

“I’m going to make it. I’m going to make it. I’m going to make it.”

God bless and have a great day.


When a doctor shares “his” (her) pain with you

I like my doctor, a lot. He’s my husband’s doctor as well. He’s conservative in his approach which we really like. He’s also very much into holistic health and if there’s a way to accomplish something without a pill, that’s his first approach. He definitely exemplifies that part of the Hippocratic oath that states, “First do no harm”.

I wish more doctors were like him.

Well, anyway I had an appointment with him yesterday, just a check-up on my every fluctuating thyroid levels. He was impressed with my weight loss and my exercise routine.

I asked him about his family and he shared that he was having a hard time adjusting to the “empty-nest”.  I had assumed this was a recent occurrence and when I asked how long ago his daughters had left, he said “four years”. I was a little surprised.

So I shared with him. how difficult it had been for us when our children moved out. We were never those parents that said, “We can’t wait till the kids move out.” I encouraged him that he would adjust eventually.Now, why am I sharing this story? Because if you’re like me, you have a tendency to think that people like doctors don’t have the same issues the rest of us do.

Now, why am I sharing this story? Because if you’re like me, you have a tendency to think that people like doctors don’t have the same issues the rest of us do. And you might not think to offer them encouragement. But why don’t we?



Why don’t we understand that all people can benefit from our encouragement? That any time we feel the urge to offer some encouragement, we should. It’s really that simple.

At the moment, I’m watching Hillary Clinton giving a speech somewhere. Would I encourage her if I thought she needed it and I had the opportunity? What about Donald Trump? Isn’t it funny how we think that showing kindness to someone is subject to what we perceive as their “status” in life?

We often read about how Jesus reached out to the poor and disenfranchised people. And he did.

But he was as kind and compassionate to those who were rich and in positions of power, also.

So the next time you feel the need to show encouragement to anyone, don’t be put off by their “position”; they might need your encouragement even more.



God bless and have a good day.


the week in review and free speech is for EVERYONE

This has been an interesting week. Mostly because of politics.

I have such a hard time understanding why free speech is only for some people.  I thought it was for everyone. I’m referring to the organized protest to stop the Trump rally in Chicago.

It doesn’t matter to me whose rally it was. No one has the right to stop people from attending a rally to hear someone speak. At the same time, words are important and when any political candidate uses incendiary speech, they must realize there will be repercussions. But words never ever justify violence. Period.

Anyway, I began the week with a post about what to do with life gets “messy”.

angry cat

Wednesday I began a series, at least it was supposed to be a series, about humility. So here’s the thing. My main computer is down and the one I’m using now is having some problems. Two posts didn’t get posted even though I thought I had scheduled them. I think what is happening is that this computer is slowing down as well and when I hit “schedule” it’s taking too long and I’ve logged out before the process actually completed.


So I will continue the series next week.

Friday I posted a great little piece of information I ran across. That quick. simple little post got lots of hits. Go figure.


Anyway our weather is going to be beautiful here in Michigan and I’m putting my back issues to the test as I plan on working in my garden. I did a bit yesterday and am fine today so I’m getting hopeful that after four years of limping, foot and leg surgeries, and wearing braces, I’m on the mend.

Finally, can I just ask all of you who believe in prayer to pray for God to bless our presidential candidates whomever they end up being. Whether they are followers of Christ or not, I believe God can intervene in their lives because of our prayers.

God bless and I hope you have a good day

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