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open drawers and doors


 open drawers and doors

This is a quick post. I’m still considering my resolutions for the next year.  But something strange has been happening for a few weeks now I thought I’d share with you.  I see it as symbolic.  I see it as a way God might be trying to get my attention.  The book of Proverbs in the King James Bible concentrates on wisdom. It’s one of my favorite books and I read through it every month as there are thirty-one chapters which works out pretty convenient most months.   

Anyway, there are many verses in Proverbs that discuss how wisdom can be found anywhere and at anytime. Through anyone and through circumstances.  While most of my friends believe as I do, I’ve found God often rains down wisdom on me in the oddest ways and might I add, through the oddest people. Some who believe as I do. Many who don’t. That brings me to the title of this post.

I have found that for the past few weeks, I keep leaving doors and drawers open. Cupboard doors, washing machine doors, dishwasher doors, interior doors.  Doors in general.  I walk out of a room and when I walk back in it, there’s an open door somewhere. What’s so odd about that? Lots of people do that, don’t they?  Well, if I did it all the time, I wouldn’t think too much of it.  If it were an occasional door or drawer, I wouldn’t think too much of it.  But it’s not normal behavior for me and it’s not an occasional door or drawer.

At first, I was figured it was the holiday season and I was distracted.  But the holidays are way over. Then I just figured I was only doing it occasionally but quickly determined that wasn’t the case.  So here’s what I’ve been thinking.

Do you suppose the fact that I’m leaving doors open is some sort of God-sent subliminal message? Is God trying to get my attention?  I know this sounds weird but if God can talk to through a donkey, I guess He can talk to me through open doors.

If nothing else, it’s a sign to me that something’s up. Maybe I’m doing it to myself to alert myself to new opportunities.Doors of opportunities I’ve never considered.  Maybe I’ve shut the doors to some possibilities in my creative pursuits.  Maybe they are an unconscious prompting to try new things. Maybe the open drawers and doors are a very subtle message I’m sending to myself as a kind of “pep talk.”

What about you?  Have you ever found yourself doing something unusual and saying to , “Hmm, that’s not like me.”  But then you just move on. Maybe we need to take a closer look at the things we do or even say that are not typical of us and think them through a little. Not everything. Not all the time. But whenever you feel that just maybe Someone (even if it’s you)  is trying to get your attention.

That’s it.  Just wanted to share this little tidbit as I think it has something to do with my month of reflection and resolution making.

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