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DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping

My adorable “grain sack” table. You will love it.

Are you like me?

I mean, do you have a dozen projects sitting around that you aren’t getting to?

Oh, good. Me, too.

I bought these adorable “nesting” table about two years ago and one of them I’ve been using even though it has been crying for a new color.

I’ve referenced a few times this week how I had an energy “high” last week due to the Prednisone I was taking. In a way, I’m glad because I got a LOT done last week.

Here’s it is with the first coat of Heirloom White by Rustoleum 3X. It was just an ordinary, nondescript wood. I forgot to take a picture. Just imagine a boring wood tone table.

DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping


This picture shows the painter’s tape  This is how I taped it off. No, I didn’t measure except for finding the vertical middle. I used Iron Ore by Sherwin-Williams for the color. I absolutely love this color. I also love Urbane Bronze by SW. They are my two favorite “almost-black” colors. I simply brushed in on and then immediately removed the tape.

DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping

DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping


You can see the imperfection here. I didn’t worry about this at all as I knew I would be distressing it.DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping


I love it.

DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping



Ta Da!!!!!

This was so easy I almost didn’t post it. DIY/painted furnture/grainsack striping

God bless and have a wonderful day.

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