Why is it so hard to say “The Emperor has no clothes?”

At least I think it is.

For example, why do I buy certain style clothing when I don’t really like them? Like cotton shirts. I hate shirts that have to be ironed. So I”m done with that.

Why do I pretend to like Kale? I made Kale chips once and it was like eating dried grass.

Why did I pretend to like golf? (I do not golf anymore.)

Why do I pretend I like a lot of things I really don’t?

Why do I pretend I don’t like a lot of things I really DO? Like watching movies. Like eating desserts?

At what we call our “Home” church, people sometimes clap after a sermon. Now, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but what in the world is up with that?

I’m not at a rock concert.

I’m not at a “performance”.

Last Sunday, for example.

We had a couple of guest pastors because it was our pastor’s (now “former” pastor) last day at our church. They were invited as part of the good-bye ceremony.

One of the invited pastors stood up and gave his remarks. He said absolutely nothing profound. Just the cookie cutter remarks one would expect for such an occasion. However, his manner of delivery was more like a performance. It was sing-song, loud, and very exuberant. When he was done, the congregation clapped.

I still can’t figure out why.

I didn’t.

Clap, that is.

I feel good about that. You remember the story of the “Emperor With No Clothes”, don’t you? The Emperor had no clothes on (his tailors had told him the garments were invisible and he believed them) and was parading around. People clapped for him and showed him homage. Finally, a child yells out, “The Emperor has no clothes on!”

Let’s not be like the crowd. Let’s be willing to speak up in a polite way when we need to. Let’s be willing to say, “Wait a minute.”

I’ll bet there is more harm done in the world by people who haven’t spoken up rather than those who have.

Be the brave one.

God bless and have a good day.

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