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Alphabet of thanks: “K”

Just over three months I was sitting on the porch at the bunkhouse when I heard what I thought was a tiny, little “cry”.

I looked around for the source thinking it might be a wounded animal. I heard it again.

A rustle of leaves.

I kept looking.

Then I spied him, a tiny gray kitten coming out of the woods. It took me two days to lure him to a spot where I could rescue him. I had every intention of taking him to a no-kill shelter. Here he is at about one month old.


Except between that decision and finally getting him lured in and bringing him home,

Between that and cleaning up the little guy and giving him some real kitten food, something happened.

We fell in love with him.


The wooden spoon you see is not used for discipline. But when he wants to bite, I offer the spoon and it works. Yes, I read that in a cat book. He gets in the weirdest positions to sleep.Rambo


Us, the two people who vowed to never have a pet.

We didn’t admit it to each other:

-until a few weeks ago when someone offered to “take him off our hands” and we couldn’t do it.

-until I thought he was lost two weeks ago and was heartbroken. You can read that whole story here.

So hubby and I finally agreed, Rambo has a home.

We named him “Rambo” because any kitten that little who survived a night of rain and “critters has some serious survival skills.

So I am thankful for a little “KITTEN” who has brought us joy and revealed something about ourselves to ourselves.

He’s a wonderful little kitten. Used his litter box faithfully from day one. Follows us around like a puppy. Is extremely affectionate, annoyingly so at times. Travels in his carrier with no issues. Adapts to new surroundings with no problem. Isn’t finicky about his food. Learns quickly

So now we know, “Never say never.”

God bless and have a good day.

PS. Embarrassingly we are even thinking about buying him a new toy for Christmas! What has happened to us.



When your heart breaks and is then made whole

Boy, I didn’t know if I could post today or not

Let me backtrack.

My husband is gone for a few days on business so yesterday a friend and I were working on a DIY Christmas project. Because we were going to be in and out of the garage I put Rambo (our woods-rescue-cat) in the laundry room so he wouldn’t try to get in the garage because we had the garage door open. He’s a feral cat so his desire to be outside is strong but he’s only two months old and might not survive if he got out. Here’s a pic the day we rescue him.



After she left, I let Rambo out of the laundry room. I cleaned up the kitchen, went back to the garage to put up the tools and spray paint a couple of things, and came inside. I was going to pay Rambo some attention because he had been confined for a few hours.

I called his name.

No Rambo.

I opened a can of cat food, always a way to get him running.

No Rambo.

Now I’m getting anxious.

I search every part of the house, under the bed, in the closets, everywhere I thought he might be. I even checked the washer, the dryer, the dishwasher, all places he loves to explore if the doors are open.

No Rambo.

Now I’m really worried.

I went outside and walked around the yard with a can of tuna fish in my hand to lure him back being convinced now that he had gotten outside although I never saw him get out. We are really careful when we open the door to the outside and make sure he gets away from the door. But I figured this time he had run out so fast, I never saw him.

For the next few hours before bedtime, I was sick with worry. I went outside several times in the pouring rain calling his name and clinking on his food can. Finally, I put his carrier in the garage and left the garage door open all night for when he came back.

It was pouring rain when I went to bed and I was worried he wouldn’t survive the cold rainy night.

My eight-year-old grandson had prayed for his safe return.

This morning arrived and I jumped out of bed the minute my eyes opened and headed down to the garage in the anticipation he would be there. I was so disappointed because he wasn’t there.

I remembered that last week, Rambo had jumped up on the shelves in the laundry room and knocked everything down. Maybe he was there.

I walk in the laundry room to check and hear something move. No meows, no crying, just a kind of movement somewhere.

Yesterday, I had checked these cabinets and had even opened drawers. No Rambo.

I listened quietly. Something was moving.


I opened the drawers where I had replaced some scarves earlier and reached my hand way to the back. I felt something furry and knew it was Rambo. I pulled the drawer out and there he was. All warm and cozy after a long nights sleep. I hugged him crying, “You are such a stinker. Why do I even love you? Don ‘t you scare me like that again!”

Seriously, how was there even enough oxygen? Why hadn’t he even meowed? He must have been hungry.

I cried with relief.

Then I thought, “You’re crying? Really? You don’t even like cats!” But he has grown on us.

You see I’ve never been a person to get all the hype that other pet owners have about their pets. I’ve often thought, “How silly.”

Ummm. I’ve been humbled. Now, I know.

I think some of it is that I found Rambo three months after my mom died. I felt an immediate connection because we figure his mom had died, too. He gave me someone to care for again at a time when I really needed it. To have lost another “being” would have broken my heart.

So I get it.

To all you pet owners, I get it. I get how attached one can get to a pet. They do bring a lot of joy and comfort. They do become a member of the family.

So Rambo is sitting by me now as I type, being a pest. He loves the computer and walking on the keys. He’s looking at me as if nothing has happened.

(By the way, he never had an “accident” that whole time.)

We were still thinking of giving him away because we don’t know what we’re going to do when we take some long trips. We even have someone who is interested in taking him. The fact that we didn’t hand him over right away should’ve been our first clue that he was going nowhere. The fact that we bought special cat food and toys should have been a clue. The fact that I was panic-stricken thinking he might have gone missing, should have been a clue. The fact that I’ve taken him to the vet for his vaccinations and the fact that I even took him when I thought he was sick should have been a clue.

Who were we kidding?

Anyway, Rambo is attacking me so I have to go.

God bless and have a good day.

Ladies, don’t wear this blouse!

I don’t usually make a remark about the latest fashion but I just can’t help it this time.

First of all, these tops and dresses with the shoulders cut out. Not a fan. And especially not a fan of anyone over the age of forty wearing it. I saw an “older” woman at TJ MAXX the other day wearing one of these. She also had on rolled-up denim pants and heeled sandals. I do think that older women can wear some “younger” looks but not too often. This woman looked like she was trying to dress like someone thirty years younger. In my eyes, it didn’t work.

So that brings me to this. I subscribe to Target for e-mail updates and this came through titled, “Every fashion blogger is wearing this blouse”.  Well, I’m not a fashion blogger but I’m not going to wear it anyway. I scrolled through some pictures and honestly unless you are under twenty and weigh under hundred and ten pounds,  you should not wear this blouse.


I love how someone else tries to decide for me what I should or should not wear. There should at least be a warning on the label that says, “This style is not for everyone. Wear at your own risk.”

The same for these off the shoulder, big-ruffled tops. I saw a lot of women wearing them this past year. I saw only one woman who looked good in it and that’s because she made sure she had the “whole” look going on. Often what we wear on one part of our body is either completely messed up by what we wear elsewhere on our body.

For example, long tiered “peasant” skirts with high heels. It just looks awful.

I realize these are my opinions and you may not share them. And that’s OK. You can start your own blog and share yours as well.

Just kidding.

Anyway, sometimes it’s just fun to write about something frivolous and unimportant, especially since the day before I wrote about these terrible parasites living inside me.

Have a great day and God bless.

Grilled cheese and meat sandwich

An amazing grilled cheese and meat sandwich

I meant to post this a few months ago. I was scrolling through my media library and saw them and realized I hadn’t done it yet. So here we go.

I wish I could say this was a sandwich I had grilled but it wasn’t. It was my daughter-in-law. I have to admit though that if you decided to make this, it’s not low cal. It’s loaded with fat.

As you can see there are two kinds of meat and two kinds of cheese. The meat is very shredded and is not your typical “packaged” lunch meat. I think if you were going to make this, you would want to get the meat from the deli department and have it cut very thin. Here, the meat is turkey and ham and the cheese is cheddar and swiss. Real butter “pats” are laid on top of the top layer of bread. When she turned it over, she added even more butter.

Grilled cheese and meat sandwich


You can see in this picture that’s it’s not a “neat” sandwich. That’s the charm.

Grilled cheese and meat sandwich


Here’s a close-up. Amazing, huh?

Grilled cheese and meat sandwich

Grilled cheese and meat sandwichGive this a try!

God bless you and have a good day.

PS: If you need a smile. I just saw this “big announcement on a news show about a Hollywood couple who split after a long-term marriage. The long-term marriage was a full eight years! Duh, they were just getting started.

Then the husband remarked, that “they worked on their marriage really hard”. Really? Eight years are not that long. The commentator then mentioned how disturbing this news was. They were such a “close” couple. Again, really? It’s not the least bit surprising that a Hollywood marriage doesn’t make it, is it? Disturbing? No. But fairly predictable, yes.

I get such kick of Hollywood drama. Don’t you? (BTW, so you don’t think I’m being heartless,  I do think this divorce is sad because I think all failed marriages impact the people involved negatively. There’s usually plenty of “hurt” to go around. And in this case, there was a child. While sometimes a child is better off in the long run (I certainly would’ve been), they are still very confused and hurt in the beginning.


When ghosts are in your house

I’m kidding, of course. I don’t believe in ghosts.

But my grandson does think our house is “spooky”. Actually, when my husband was traveling a lot, my friends would ask me if I was afraid to be alone in this house.


I never have been. Maybe that says something about me, that maybe I’m not too bright.


I guess it could be a little scary to some people. It’s four floors. Our attic has regular ceilings, for example. And, of course, there’s the basement.

We are in a regular housing area but the road dips down in front of our house so it seems like we’re up on a hill all by ourselves. Plus, our driveway is kind of weird and our house sits on our property at an odd angle so our neighbors can’t really see our house.

So anyway, yesterday we had some huge trees removed (which prompted some interesting thoughts for the post tomorrow) and there were some pretty big thuds.

Later that night, around ten, all of a sudden we hear loud music coming from the basement. Neither one of us had been down there at all during the day.

What in the world? So my big brave husband says, “Sounds like your CD player and your exercise music. Go down and check it out.”


So my big brave husband says, “Sounds like your CD player and your exercise music. Go down and check it out.”

“What”, I say. “You mean you’re not coming?”


“It’s your CD player”, my big brave man says.

brave husband

“I’m not going down there myself”. Anyway, he finally got brave enough to follow downstairs and just as we figured, it was my CD player on full volume.

We figure what happened was the vibrations from the tree branches hitting the ground jarred the player somehow. But for some reason, it didn’t come on until later and that was because the player sits on a shelf directly above our underground pump and those vibrations somehow made it start to play.

As I said, I’ve never been afraid in this house, but had I been alone when that happened, I most certainly would’ve been.


But, are you wondering if I would have gone down there all on my own. Yep, I would’ve.

Even without my big brave man to help me. 😦

God bless and have a good day.

(PS. I told my husband I was “telling” on him. That’ll teach him.”


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