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DIY/jewelry box

As you know I love garage sales and Goodwill. In fact it’s eight in the morning and I will be heading out shortly to track down some new treasures.

A few years ago I found a brown “box”. I can’t remember exactly where I bought it but it had to be at one of the two places mentioned earlier. Don’t know its original purpose, but I use it to hold some of my paper jewelry. Gosh, I guess I should post pictures of some of those creations, too. When I can find a way to take good pictures of them, I will. I’ve made so many necklaces you would be astounded. Needless to say I’ve given many of them away as presents.

In fact I have a little ongoing project that involves these necklaces that I will be sure to share with you in the future

Anyway, I didn’t take a picture of the before but just imagine the color “brown”?

So here’s what I did.This is complicated so pay close attention. 🙂

Boy, I really had to thing it through. What step to do when? I painted it with heirloom white.

No pictures of that step. But I think you smart people can probably figure it out. I used a brush and Heirloom White paint by Rustoleum 2x. I added a little calcium carbonate which you can buy on the Internet to make chalk paint.

This picture shows the box after I sanded off some dry paint. Do I need to say, I used sandpaper?

jewelry box

jewelry box

Here are some more pictures of completed project.

14-IMG_5413 13-IMG_5412 12-IMG_5411

jewelry box

jewelry box

Here’s the box with the jewelry.

jewelry box

jewelry box


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