Sorry I was AOL (the condition not the web server)

Hey, everyone,

I’m sorry I didn’t get my usual post out this morning. I had some “important” errands to run (you’ll hear about those next week but take the word “important” lightly. K?).

But before that, I had to get my walk in.

My husband and I decided to drive to our nearby state park on Lake Michigan. He wanted to ski and because of a number of foot conditions, I’ve had to give it up. So I said, “Hey, we’ll drive separately and when we get to where you need to head into the woods, I’ll turn around and head back.”

We decided it was a good plan.

Anyway, the roads in our park are always plowed so it makes walking easier.

Guess what?

They weren’t this time.

Hoffmaster State Park

So I had a hard time trudging through the snow. My husband and I separated and I headed back disappointed that I wouldn’t get my entire forty minutes walk completed because that would mean I would have to work out at home to make up for it.

HOffmaster Park/winter/2017

Anyway, I’m heading back and yea! the snowplow guy showed up and started to get the roads ahead cleared off.

I was enjoying the scenery when a few doubts started to mess with my mind. (It doesn’t take much.) We have a trip planned to Florida shortly and to be honest, I’ve been worried.

What if we get the flu when we’re down there? We have rented a house but they wouldn’t let us stay just because we got sick. Right?

Then, there’s Rambo, our newly acquired kitten. You can read those stories here, here, and here. Let’s just say we never planned on having a cat.

What if we get sick and we have no place to go because we have the cat?

I was afraid.

Then the snowplow came by and cleared the road I was walking on.

I don’t probably need to tell you where this is going, do I?

I began thanking God quietly as I walked. Thanking him that He was already clearing the road ahead. Should anything happen, He already had a plan. All I have to do is trust.

God reassures us in so many ways. Sometimes he uses a snowplow.

God bless and I hope you are seeing your way clear as well.