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Why coffee is good for you

I’ve known that coffee is good for you for a long time but the news is getting even better.

I’m at the cabin so can’t really download to this post so I took some photos to share and you can check out the sources.

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July. Despite the political wrangling, we live in a wonderful country.

Let’s be kinder to each other.

This first article is from Fox News

Another article I couldn’t download is from People magazine. I’m sure you can find it. That particular article is about the “Coffee Diet”.

God bless and have a good day. 


What a week-end. You HAVE to read this!

Today’s post is all about hope.


Most of you know that the last two weeks have been rough. My mom has been very confused and delusional. She has been diagnosed with dementia. Read that carefully, “diagnosed with dementia”, and we all know how a single diagnosis can be inadequate to explain all aspects of any condition. While I don’t deny that diagnosis, I don’t buy into it one hundred percent as an explanation for these past two weeks. I believe there is more going on.

Did you know, for example, that urinary tract infections (UTI), can come and go without medical intervention? Did you also know that UTI’s can cause confusion, delirium, and hallucinations in the elderly? So-o-o-o, an elderly person can be confused, etc, because they have an undiagnosed UTI. We had my mom checked out for that and it was negative but, of course, it might have cleared up by the time the test was done. Here’s the google page where I found some great links about UTI’s in the elderly.

Now to the weekend. My daughter and her five-year-old son came home this weekend. (Hubby and other son had a “guys” weekend skiing.) She wanted to see her grandmother again because of her failing health. Not only was my mom one hundred percent better, she was back to her “before-the-last-fall” better. We took her for a ride down to Lake Michigan because we had an unusually warm day for a Michigan January. We even got her outside to sit on a bench. She was conversant, funny, even taking the initiative in the conversation.

Thank goodness it was sunny and I was wearing my sunglasses because I was tearing up a lot with gratitude. And now to the point of this post today.

The two or three nights prior to Sat I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very sad because I was worried that my last memories of my mom would be what I’d seen the last two weeks. I so wanted to see my “real” mom again. And then it happened.

But God answered and one glorious, beautiful, warm Saturday, I was able to imprint some kinder memories in my mind. There are some days you just know you won’t forget. This was one of them. My daughter will never forget it either.


I had been praying hard for this to happen but was starting to lose hope. But I reminded myself once again that “God is able to do more than we can even think of or even ask….”


I’m smart enough to know those two weeks could happen again. Sunday, for example, she wasn’t quite as “sharp” as she’d been on Saturday although she was still able to converse fluently.

But that Saturday was my “more than I can imagine” day. Everyone needs one of those.

God bless and don’t give up your hopes. God can do more than you can even think of.



hutch after Christmas

Concentrate on the good to eliminate the bad

This is the time of year we make resolutions, even if we say we don’t. I think it’s just where our minds go.

I find it’s more positive to concentrate on the good we want to initiate rather than concentrate on the bad habits we want to change.

For example, instead of thinking about losing ten pounds which sounds so hard and so negative, why not picture ourselves in those new styles we want to wear?

Instead of giving up something, think about what the benefits will be.

Television watching is a good example. If you want to watch less TV so you can read more, think about that book you’re never getting around to reading. Put it somewhere as a reminder that in order to read that book, something else that is taking up your time has to go. In this case, watching TV.

I exercise pretty much every day. To be honest, I like exercising because I like how it makes me feel afterward. But mostly I exercise because I like being able to do the other things I like doing and seeing as all of them involve being able to walk upright and be healthy, (Seriously how can one enjoy anything if you don’t feel good in the first place?) I exercise. I know too many unhealthy people and the one thing they all have in common is that they don’t engage in regular physical exercise.

So because I don’t want to end up like them, I exercise. I guess that is focusing on the negative but in a postive way?

Most of us have some unhealthy habits. Not all of them are obvious. Many of them lie deep inside us.

We have negative and habitual ways we respond to people. Instead of focusing on what we’re doing wrong, let’s look at how we would like our relationships to look. If our actions are causing reactions in other people that bring us down, then it’s up to us, no matter how unfair, to change our behavior.

I know someone that I care deeply for who changes the subject, (it’s so obvious, but not to them) whenever I enter territory they don’t want to talk about. So I’ve learned (and it’s a goal to continue for this next year) to approach certain subjects differently and in some cases, not at all.

This is not really healthy as most relationships function better and are healthier when there aren’t these constraints but sometimes for our own well-being we have no choice.

I’m trying to think of an example.

Got one.

I’m a big advocate of people being more responsible for their health. To leave our health all in the hands of the health professionals seems crazy to me, especially when there’s so much information readily available. But I still believe in doctor’s visit, etc.

I know a few people who have been battling recurring and ongoing irksome medical problems. Rather than searching for answers through doctor’s visits and their own research, they choose to continue with the issue. I say choose because I believe in the end, that’s what it is, a choice. (I’m  not talking about really serious medical conditions here, of course.)

I used to “nag” them to check-in with their doctor, to exercise more, to try certain other things to see if they work. I don’t anymore. Not because I care less for them but because I also care about myself. There’s something about running into a brick wall that hurts after a while.

Haven’t you all been there?

After a period of time, if you’re smart, you realize you need to change how you interact with some people. Now I wait for them to bring up certain subjects and then I “brainstorm” with them for a while, but when that “brainstorming” becomes nothing more than talk with no plans for follow-up, I’M the one who now changes the subject.

Anyway, as you begin this new year and if you’re trying to change some things, try to look at your goals and how to get there from a more positive approach.

It’s another dark, dreary and COLD day here in Michigan. I’m continuing to take down Christmas decorations and get the house back in order. It looks so “plain” now. I’ve got to get more accessories. (Did I tell you we fell in love with this big old house during the Christmas season?)

Here’s a before and after of my dining room hutch. Which do you prefer?

Christmas 2016


This is so boring now. It’s the lack of red, isn’t it?

hutch after Christmas

After looking at my hutch now, I see I’m focusing on the negative. Enough of that.

Anyway, God bless and have a really good day.

ps. I hope you read tomorrow’s post.


Three coping mechanisms for an trouble-filled day

Some days are just full of problems” aren’t they? Sometimes it’s big troubles and sometimes just annoyances. And sometimes it’s just a busy day and that alone causes us angst. I don’t know about you but I hate days when I have lots of errands to run and none of them fun.

Here’s my practical tips for any day when what is facing you is causing you anxiety.

First of all, step inside yourself for a moment. What are you really upset about? Is it the situation right in front of you or has your mind wandered off to past issues or future concerns? If you really stopped and analyzed your anxiety, is there a path to calmness you can find?


Here’s a recent example from my own life.

I needed a tiny little replacement part for my mom’s hearing aid. Seriously, it would’ve have taken all of about three seconds to put it on but “everyone was busy” and “could I come back later?”

“No”, I replied somewhat shortly. Well, “Could I wait fifteen minutes”?

To which I promptly and tersely replied, “I don’t have fifteen minutes. I’ll leave them”. And I left in a little bit of a huff.

Now you might judge this situation and say, “Goodness, that was nothing to get upset about.” And you’d be right -as far you knew.

But here’s the backstory and this is where my mind immediately went.

This particular hearing-aid establishment had been calling me pretty insistently once they knew I was interested in buying my mom the top-of-the-line hearing aids. I mean they were so excited they even paid a visit to her house.

I felt they were quick to take her money but not nearly so quick to take care of a three-second fix.

(Of course I realize the clerk didn’t know that. It wasn’t her fault.)


On top of that, I had a number of errands to run that day, x-rays and blood work I’d been putting off for weeks because of my mom’s situation, and a number of other necessary errands. Had I taken just a moment to look inside I would’ve have realized that I was reacting to the stress of the last few weeks more than to this delay. That’s what I mean about going inside yourself to figure out what is really, upsetting you.

Secondly, choose to be as content and peaceful as you can in each moment. When I look back on the ordeal I went through with my mom for a few days (I haven’t shared the details with you because it is my mother after all, and I respect her privacy.), I am amazed at the peace I did feel. I felt God’s guidance every step of the way and am very happy with all the choices I made.

But the body can only handle so much before it requires us to step back and take care of ourselves. Pay attention to your body’s physical responses;  step back and find the peace you need. It may mean walking away from the situation and from everyone while you collect your thoughts. It may mean walking away inside when you can’t walk away outside. This last part is an art that needs to be learned. It doesn’t just happen.


Third, take responsibility for your own well-being. You notice I didn’t say happiness. I think happiness, as an experience, is highly overrated. I think well-being more closely captures the kind of happiness God promises us. As long as we know our “being” is “well”, we can handle just about everything.

I hope this helps you when you have some of those days.

God bless and have a good day.

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