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Riots and Rockets. Shades of the sixties

Let's all be heroes/American flag

Talk about history repeating itself. The sixties were a time of rocket launches and riots. The only difference is that now we are seeing everything unfold twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We couldn’t avoid it if we tried.

This will not be a political post. There’s enough blame to go around for both parties. No, this is a post about the heart.

Where are our hearts?

I would suggest our hearts should be breaking over all this. Our hearts should break because of what happened to George Floyd.

Our hearts should break over the towns whose business districts are being destroyed.

Our hearts should break because the very people who were peacefully protesting are now being used by outside political groups.

The other day I was at Walmart, two days after the shooting. Two women in front of me were asked by the man (what position he had, I don’t know) to see their receipt. They refused, telling him he had no legal right to ask them that. He backed off.

As they walked away, I heard one of the women say to the other, “I’ll bet they don’t ask white people to show their receipt”.

But as I left, he didn’t ask me.

I felt like catching up with the women and letting them know that I felt what happened to George Floyd was horrible. That not all white people are racist. Certainly, not me. (Hmmmmm ?)

I didn’t follow them, because frankly, I was quite sure they probably didn’t care what I thought. And that’s OK.

My heart was with those two women and the insult they felt from the “security” guard. It was just wrong.

I trust you are praying about all this hate and hurt.

Let’s get our hearts in the right place. Let’s quit judging and treating people differently because of their ethnicity, education, weight, economic or educational disparities……

I really do believe that change occurs in the world when it changes in individuals first.

Think about when you meet a new person. Can’t you just feel whether they are angry or calm? They each emit a kind of aura, don’t they? I want my “aura” to reflect God’s love.

We were all feeling a bit helpless because of the pandemic and now we have these riots. We really feel helpless now.

The history when Jesus walked the earth was not that much different than now. (Except for the rocket launch, of course.) Poor people and minorities were being taken advantage of, too. Why do you think headdressed the treatment of the poor so often? Political turmoil was everywhere.

Jesus preached that our hearts had to change and we, and we alone, are responsible for that heart change.

It’s no different in 2020.

I know that for me, I’m looking at my heart intently. I don’t want racism or any kind of discrimination to live in my heart. I am challenging myself this next week with the thoughts I choose and the words I use.

Let’s all just open our hearts to the Holy Spirit to search us and see if there is any “wrong” thinking. Is there something as an individual we need to be doing differently?

God bless and pray for the safety of America across these situations.

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woman meditating in close up view/feeling intimidated in prayer

Feelings of intimidation in prayer? Four ways to handle.

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

How do we handle our feelings of intimidation and insecurity in prayer? Four ways. Sometimes we feel insecure when we hear other people pray. These suggestions should help.

woman meditating in close up view/How do we handle our feelings of intimidation in prayer?

Overview: Intimidation in prayer

How do we handle our feelings of intimidation and insecurity in prayer? Especially when praying in front of others. I know how it feels because I’ve been there myself. Makes me just want to keep quiet. I sometimes feel inferior especially because I’ve been praying for a long time. It would seem that would not be a problem. But, at times, it still is. Where do you suppose that comes from?

One thing is for sure. It doesn’t come from God. It comes from within us but only because Satan found our weak spot. Satan is not God. He is not all-powerful or all-knowing. He can’t make us feel inadequate unless he finds an open door. We are the ones who open the door.

So don’t open the door!

Praying out loud is my main focus.

Remember, I am referring in this article to praying out loud in front of others. But maybe it will help in your private prayer life as well.

The danger of feeling intimidated about praying out loud is that it might carry over to your personal prayer life. So that’s why it bears discussion because whether or not you ever pray out loud in front of anyone is not a problem.

So what do we do? In this post,

I will describe four ways to handle these feelings of insecurity. First, we learn from them. Secondly, we remember those intimidating-sounding prayers are based on personality and background. Some people are just gifted in speech and the ability to express themselves. They are who they are; we are who we are. The only person we should imitate is Jesus. He is our model. His priestly prayer in John 17 is a good model to follow as well, of course, as is the Lord’s Prayer.

“Pray then like this: ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Matthew 6:9-13

Thirdly, we don’t let intimidation get the best of us. We don’t allow feels of insecurity to steal our joy. And fourthly, we ask ourselves, “Why?” Why are we intimidated?

First, we can learn from others.

But we can learn from others without negatively comparing ourselves. For example, I’ve learned to express thanks in better ways, offer my requests better, etc. I have a friend who still uses “thee”, and “thou”. At first, I found it strange. Now, I find it refined and respectful. I have another friend who begins her prayer,”Dear God, it’s me, (she says her name). She ends her prayer, “That’s all I got.”

Between the two of them, I have found a happy medium for myself.

Secondly, prayer is not a contest.

We are supposed to sound like the vessel God has filled. And he fills us all differently. I know some very mature Christians who find it difficult to pray out loud in the presence of others. Some who have been brought up in church often have no difficulties. It’s natural for them. But for some of the rest of us, not so much.

We don’t have to feel insecure when praying.

Praying is not a contest and we shouldn’t be comparing our prayers to anyone. They are our prayers. When God hears our prayers, he hears only our prayers. No one else’s. So quit comparing.

Thirdly, don’t let intimidation get the best of you.

Remember, it isn’t about them; it’s about you and your growth. I’ve been there. Sometimes, I still am. So you know what I do? If I’m feeling uncomfortable and insecure for some reason, and I’m in a group where everyone is taking turns praying out loud, you know what I do? I don’t pray. Not out loud anyway. Only if I truly feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to do so. This is new to me and here’s why.

We can choose to remain silent.

I’ve finally decided to pray to God is so personal and private, I’ve decided I can choose to remain silent. Matthew 18:20 states that where “two or where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them.” NIV

However, this verse doesn’t say we have to pray out loud. Don’t get me wrong. I believe if we feel led and are comfortable, praying out loud, it is good to do. Sometimes, we need to step out of our comfort zone. But of all the excuses not to pray, this not one of them that deserves too much attention. It is one of those easiest ones to put behind us.

picture of a praying gopher/How do we handle our feelings of intimidation in prayer?

I believe as you grow in faith and God calls you to pray in a group setting, you will. But I also believe that if you never do, that’s OK, too. One’s heart relationship with God is far more important than whether or not we pray out loud in a group setting. I know, for sure, that I have never thought twice if someone in a group I’m in, remains silent.

Fourthly, though, why are you feeling insecure when you pray?

I think there are two reasons we might feel intimidated and insecure. One we’ve already covered. We sometimes feel intimidated when we compare our prayers to others. But remember, it’s not a contest. There’s not a winner and a loser.

But the reason may well be we are not sure where we stand with God. Accordingly, we wonder if we are good enough, have enough faith. So because of those feelings, we doubt our standing with God. If you have given over your life to God, don’t doubt any of this. That’s Satan talking that way. You are secure. You are God’s child. Don’t let your own very transient feelings get in the way. You need not let initiation defeat you.

I think we have all been there. And the truth is that some days, we feel closer to God than on other days. This is normal. And we all need to grow spiritually every day.

However, unconfessed sin and engaging in continual sin can also make us feel reluctant to pray. This is something you need to examine and take care of. Unconfessed sin is the biggest barrier between us and God. Take care of it immediately.


In summary, I hope you can see that whether or not you can pray out loud shouldn’t get in the way of your private prayer time. Your private prayer time is strictly between you and God. You don’t have to feel intimidated when you pray.

Make sure you are not comparing your prayers to others and that you have no unconfessed sin in your life. After that let it go.

God bless and have a great prayer day.

old clipboard/great garage sale find

Great garage sales “finds.” One in particular.

I found some great garage sale finds this weekend. One, in particular.

First, I found these plastic tablecloths. No, they are not meant for the table. I try to keep plastic tablecloths around for all kind of painting projects. They are not as slippery as plastic. I bought two of them for seventy-five cents each. Score! I love me some cheap shoppin’.

Here’s some tips for garage sale shopping.

I am a good garage sale shopper. If you want someone who can bargain, I’m your gal. However, I never take advantage. But I know the value of things, and more importantly, I know what it’s worth to me. I’ve walked away from many purchases because I know what I want and how much I’m willing to pay for it.

plastic tablecloths/great garage sale finds

Next, I found this bulb planter for a dollar. I had just bought bulbs over the weekend and so this was a God-thing in my opinion. Otherwise, I would’ve used a spoon. The books were fifty cents apiece. Another score.

two books and a bulb planter/great garage sale finds

But then there is this!My best garage sale find.

I’m probably the only person I know who gets this excited about “old”. But this clipboard is just that. It was a dollar as well. Another score. I mean look at all that “oldness”. Just want to hug it.

I have no idea what I will do with it, but I love the size. I’m thinking I may not paint it which is my first inclination for everything. I’m thinking I will either add an original piece of art or just some cool printable. What do you suggest?

old clipboard/great garage sale find

You will find a lot of Monday morning posts from me about some great garage sale finds I’m excited about and I expect to find many of them of the summer.

I’m a garage-sale aficionado.

That’s it for today. I hope you all have a blessed one.

painted furniture

A small table transformed three ways. So easy.

A small table is easy to transform. Here are three ways, using paint, stencils, and aluminum flashing. I love DIYing.

small table transform/diy

Table One

This is where it began for this particular table. It was just plain wood, like the top. I painted the legs, then got all fancy with the shelf with paint and a stencil.

small table transform/DIY

Here, I started painting. The photo is fuzzy. The paint on the legs is Rustoleum 3x, Aluminum. The top really isn’t warped like it looks in this picture.

Table Two

small table transform/DIY

Here, I painted the horizontal surfaces is Rustoleum 3X, Seafoam.

small table with a vase/storing candle holders in the open

I applied stain over top because that’s what I do. I used Minwax, Early American.

small table transform/DIY

It stayed like that for a while and then I painted it gray. I left the flashing. Small tables are easy to transform without a lot of work. They are also getting very hard to find at garage sales and thrift shops and it’s rare to find an inexpensive one. So grab it up when you do.

Table Transform Three

small table transform/DIY

I don’t know but I think It might need another transformation.

I can’t wait for garage sales so I can start again. How about you? There’s so many cool paint colors and types of spray paint now.

If you need more inspiration, my board on Pinterest is loaded with them.

I hope you have a great day and God bless.

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