Depression has a big voice, make yours bigger.

(I accidentally posted this last week but it was meant for today so I am reposting it.)

Do you feel sometimes like the waves of life are just going engulf you?

Does it feel like you are drowning inside sometimes?

That’s just how depression feels.

It is the most helpless and hopeless feeling in the world. You might survive the first wave but you are sure the next one is going to do you in.

You look at the world through a very cloudy, dusky lense. No color is as bright as it used to be. The sun might be shining but to you, it’s hidden behind a cloud with only a few rays spiking out.

These are just some of the ways depression can be described.

But did you know that depression also as a voice? A very BIG voice. It screams all kinds of things at you, like “You’ll never amount to anything”. “You’re always screwing up.” “You’ll never get better.”

But do you know how you counter it?

You counter depression’s voice by making your voice louder. Much louder.

You make your voice louder by making your own choices. YOU decide what you will do each day. You don’t let depression talk you into binge watching TV all day. You don’t let depression talk you into eating a whole container of ice cream….You get the point.

I realized depression had a voice when I started to recover from an episode and realized I wasn’t the one always calling the shots. I realized my depression was making decisions for me. Once I grasped this concept, I have pretty much been able to defeat depression when it nips at my heels.

white daisy flower bloom

My devotional is almost finished and one of the chapters’ titles is the same as this post. It is one of my favorite chapters in the book because this concept of treating depression as an outside entity attacking me made a big difference in my battle. It helped me to have a visual target rather than a scary invisible vapor-like illness that I could never see.

That doesn’t mean one ignores the “internal” goings-on but the imagery worked for me and it fits the Bible’s description of satan. (I don’t capitalize his name.) And as far as I’m concerned, satan is most surely the original author of depression.

God bless and stay healthy.

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